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Zgemma IPTV New YouTube Channel

Zgemma IPTV New YouTube Channel – I have created a new YouTube channel dedicated only to ZGEMMA, IPTV & Android Boxes. Please go over and subscribe.

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  1. david santry says

    Not only do you help me sort out my tv needs your also a united supporter!! Better again ?

  2. Alpha Dawg says

    When's the review coming for the erazer laptop pal?

  3. fanmail1977 says

    have just subscribed to your new channel, do you know whats happened to the guys at iptvnow, there website and facebook page has gone

  4. Scott Mannear says

    Audio a bit low on this video. While I have no use for a TV box (Unlimited data on 2 sims and cast my phone to TV), I think a channel dedicated to boxes should do well! Good luck and Cheers

  5. Gary Nolan says

    Do you do iptv subs?

  6. Kevit Popat says

    Do you have a good virgin media gift supplier please?

  7. allan sutcliffe says

    hi a lot of gift box sales suggest using euro channels as these have not gone down.do you need to alter your sat dish to receive these or is the sky sat ok?

  8. Zane The Wolf Second Account says

    IP TV down

  9. Ivor Yistorm says

    i went with irelandiptv com 2 months ago. hands down the best iptv provider i have tried so far

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