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  1. _babaganush_ says

    Can't hear a DAAAAMN thing!

  2. Adrian Nicholas says

    lots of malware via openload and its relatives. To prove this – look for the provider source sites on pc and watch your anti-virus and site warnings light up. Jack Bower is consistently good at exposing and removing these dodgy openload sources. The main url resolver program accessed from system dependencies seems the easiest way to remove openload

  3. Neil Vear-Smyth says

    Have a problem with Kodi… I can't get it anymore ?

  4. J W says

    Thanks for that nice bit of info Doc…
    I was always annoyed at getting that poo on screen so good to get it out of the way… You da man…

  5. tommydoh says

    not sure whats wrong with your new set up mate but it sounds like you've got your head in a bucket! it was clear as anything previously.. peace out…

  6. Wayne tutt says

    What build are you using ??

  7. Ross Craig says

    Lots of comments on audio, I could hear just fine. I have been doing this tip for over a year. I also only choose guide, but I haven't used Kodi in a few weeks terrarium tv is where it is at.

  8. mike minehead says

    Brilliant thanks for that. Plenty of HD material around without pairing. Good Bye pairing.

  9. Joseph Digilio says

    With real debrid , you click on the Authorization and it plays

  10. Todd Cummings says

    Audio is way too low…

  11. Jeanua Smith says

    very low… I can hardly hear him.

  12. Anika Golfster says

    This video and idiot is so full of shit it's pathetic. Notice when he deleted the hostas he lost all the best quality streams. Pairing takes maybe 10 seconds, lasts for 4 hours & provides much better streams. Best thing about this pathetic video is it reduces the number of users using pairing so it's better for the rest of us.

  13. Andrew Washburn says

    Can you.get sky sports on kodi when football is live

  14. jack ainscough says

    Bad audio man,

  15. Margaret Hart says

    Dude, I have my phone volume on high & I still can't hear a word you're saying can u please redo this or something please, I want to get rid of the pairing thing as well

  16. luke banks says

    Doc I just subscribed love your work man and think your site is spot on ? being watching you for a few month now keep up the good work Mann ????

  17. Brian Mac says

    Thank you for all your videos, well done.

  18. billy oldham says

    will this work all OS

  19. Michael O'Leary says

    What you fail to mention here is that while the pairing dialogue goes away, so too did the only 1080P source available for that movie. The best way to get rid of those is to get yourself a paid debrid account (I use Premiumize) which handles all those things for you while still giving you all the 1080P content that is available.

  20. Johnny Blade says

    How do I remove openload.co/pair or olpair.co in WWE on Demand? Most of the videos reuqired pairing. They dont have the tool option to turn off captchas.

  21. paul gatiss says

    Just disable captcha in add-on settings ?

  22. Wade Yates says

    The explanation why I like this VPN service “fetching zonet com” (Google it) is its unlimited access to applications and web pages that aren`t available in other sources. I find it to be excellent. A VPN app with out limits in access time is rare. Netflix is available, and that`s why I advise others to use it also.

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