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If you are sick and tired of Kodi what are some good affordable options. In this video I will look at

SET TV – $20 a month!

Players Klub – $5 a month

Nitro IPTV – $20 a month

Gears TV – $15-$20 a month

Learn how to install Kodi and run the best kodi builds on my channel it doesn’t matter if you are using Kodi 16, Kodi 17.5, if it’s a fire stick or the new fire tv 4k. You will see the best Kodi builds on my channel and you will also explore many wizards like Ares Wizard, and how to get kodi setup for live tv and free cable tv, all the stuff on my channel is free. There is many best builds on my channel I also show you how to install terrarium tv on fire stick or any amazon fire tv device. I also show you complete Kodi setup and how to use kodi properly and stop kodi buffering on many devices including kodi beelink device, nvidia shield, fire tv 4k, fire stick and fire tv, installing kodi on firestick is very easy, jailbraking a firestick is simple and on my channel I will teach you how to do this on KODI, kodi 18 is also coming out and is very stable and soon will be even more stable, 17.5 is running good, kodi 17.4 runs ok. Kodi used to be called XBMC foundation which was the official company of KODI, there is a few people involved in the kodi project which is open source, there is other APK’s which are great for kodi iptv like swiftstreamz apk, also zion tv, terrarium tv like i said and also livenettv apk, exodus kodi addon is not working very good now but elysium and covenant kodi addon is good, phoenix kodi addon is not longer working but as soon as there is kodi addon update or how to update kodi you will find this information on my channel and thank you for watching everything about Kodi.



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  1. kevo15759 says

    I have Gfservers A.K.A. a reseller of vaderstreams and Gears TV…both are really good,but I think the "MATCH CENTER" along with the 5 connections give Gfservers the edge…

  2. Kim Bagger says


  3. Tina Huff says

    NITRO and playersklub I have both and has them all. And I tell you they are both crazy good.

  4. Steven Lurseg says


  5. Javier Castillo says

    I pay 65 for 6 months for Nitro thats like 10.44 dls

  6. Andrew Dickson says

    Hi New tech, Thanks for your input. Just confirms however and endorses my previous comments re your video on Set. Mixed reviews and all claiming to be the best. Sounds like all the ones recommended are the very ones to avoid with respect. Residing in NZ ex UK would like to see some more reviews on UK/European IPTV services. Reviews on which seem to be less critical. Still looking for that reliable and stable service to spend my money on….any other suggestions out there without BIAS……..

  7. Zam Zamo says

    You the best bro keep it up always Thumbs up NewTech

  8. Robert Rodriguez says

    I've had Vader Streams for a while now and it is definitely top notch; they are constantly updating the servers and making new changes like the TV Guide they provide on kodi.. hats off to Vader for the service they provide… PPV and their match center plays phenomenal… if you are using kodi make sure you go into the settings in vader, click "add on settings" then click "server select" and choose "best server" and it will automatically put you on the best server available. Truly the best IPTV avaliable

  9. David Serrentino says

    I've used Players Klub for several months: Price is great but epg is never correct and channels buffer/freeze all the time.
    Recently got Set Tv trial: Like the interface but not worth $20 because channels buffer, freeze or are not available sometimes. If I'm going to pay $20 a month it should work flawlessly.
    Just last week tried the 1 day trial from IPTV Subs: It was close to perfect. Many channels from all over the world including Italy, Spain, Turkey but I don't remember if it had Filipino. Adult, Kids, VOD and more for just $10-$13 a month. Still looking but that's the best so far in my opinion.

  10. Blanton Beathea says

    Yeah, I love the quality of Gears and they have some good things coming up.. I currently use Set and Vaders. I use Set because I love the ppv and the on demand section and 20 bucks for 3 devices. .. Vaders has a good selection of channels and sports too and 3 devices for 20 too . I might one stop shop with Gears after I see how their movie section is. I just wish Gears offered more device use. But I understand what they are saying about the bandwidth.

  11. archielabb says

    Setv for price. Ready to try Gears though as I hear good things.

  12. alejandro says

    NitroTV is by far the best of the 3

  13. RokuTV Junkie says

    I've had all 3 and can tell you from my experience that Nitro is the best one. I liked Nitro so much I became a reseller

  14. Cruze BK says

    I've tried gears and was really impressed but currently running GF gold package(vader streams) and I couldn't be more happier. All sports league pass including NHL, NBA , MLB & NfL. The Epg channel guide updates daily with plus more local channels(ATLANTA ?) then any other IPTV service.

  15. NitroTV Admin says

    NitroTV is the best 2 Thumbs UP!

  16. Pasquale gia says

    Hi newtech can u suggest an iptv with Italian channels

  17. Dj Angeezy says

    Should of reviewed GFServers

  18. mike moneymaking215 says

    using settv right now, looking into others though ????????

  19. sw1ft2U says

    Gears Tv Hands DOWN!! By Far The Best!

  20. Tri Tran says

    How about Vaders TV?

  21. Nonito Martinez says

    I have used Dexter ? for the last 9 months, good deal for $12. I subscribed to SETVNOW last month, worked good plus you can set up 3 devices, which is a plus, i may stay with those 2! I did subscribe to PlayerKlub this month to try it, the EPG doesn't load for me. No content or channels are loading. Will need to do a ticket for support!

  22. Alfredo Garcia says

    Hi Adam, I use Set Tv Now. great IPTV inexpensive and I can make money by getting friends to subscribe.

  23. Roger Flores says

    gears tv it just works

  24. Mohammad Hussein says

    Can gears TV work on Roku or fire stick, does anyone know? Thx

  25. Dan D says

    Very informational video. Thanks! Have tried Players Klub and Set and one called Wildsides. PK and Wildsides are very similar. $5 a month and generous number of channels. But both buffered a lot or channels would freeze or wouldn't come in at all. Am currently trying one called IPTV Realm which I think is same company/guy as Vaders. It's $15 a month for 3 devices with catch-up and on-demand as well. So far it seems to work really well plus you can watch through a web browser like Set which is a really nice feature to have IMO. All IPTV services seem to buffer a lot if your internet speed drops below 8-10 Mbps, which unfortunately, mine does. Thanks again.

  26. thomas setzer says

    Gears tv have 24 /7 music videos and 24/7 Martin. So I’m rocking with them.

  27. Abbas Moulvi says

    I like players klub for the price, but I do not use their apk. I prefer to use it in StbEmu, I find that stalker portal is much better interface for TV compared to the apk (which is based on Perfect Player).

  28. Tri Tran says

    The same Perfect Player app

  29. Or Not says


  30. Yodaddi Jim says

    is Gears Tv the only one that carries the Sportsman Channel?

  31. JACOB WALLACE says

    Hi good evening fellas thanks for all of your info. Can someone tell me the best settings for "Smooth Streams". Im having trouble with freezing and lagging. Any help is appreciated thx 🙂

  32. TV King says

    I have had them all including Gears and Vader Streams is the best https://minihosts.org/amember/signup

  33. Barry Ward says

    which iptv service have these channels Bounce,Antenna Tv,Get Tv, Me Tv, Cozi, Grit,

  34. lenny sandy says

    does  set tv have raptors tv ,nba tv Canada

  35. Lanasmith1965 says

    Can you watch live tv on gears or any other one?

  36. Rodney Middleton says

    Vader Streams is excellent. When you consider the monthly price and the amount of devices you can load on one ISP, it blows PK out of the water hands down. (one mans opinion).

  37. Sean Martin says

    I have set tv I think they are the best. Some channels do go down at times but that is with any iptv service. They are great in getting the down channels back up. I tried playersklub and I think they are straight garbage. I do however also use streamz tv which is a solid second for me. I recommend both of them. They are both reliable.

  38. RIKKI TIKKI says

    i use royalty man i feel like i choose the wrong 1

  39. Franco Cuzzola says

    Vaders is the best, followed by Gears. If Gears allowed more connections, it would be up their with Vaders. In regards to quality, Vaders is 60fps, Gears is 30fps. The picture quality is incredible on Vader. Players Klub runs about 30fps at 720p, so not too great but it’s also 1/3 the cost.

  40. arvind padhiar says

    can you tell me which iptv is best for international, world wide, pleas. thanks.

  41. owen thomas says

    http://setvnow.com/#blazin23 best iptv service

  42. MegaFr33dom says

    The way to judge all of these is not by price or the number of channels offered it is by the reliability of those channels. How many servers do they have? After much research GearsTV is the most reliable and they have the most servers available to accommodate high volume.

  43. Jeffrey Caron says

    You Should try vader streams. They don't hardly ever buffer on their APK. They have great picture and also offer just about every channel to man from every bigger country . The have alil over 3000 total channels last I checked btw.

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