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Watch LIVE HD TV for Free! See all the Channels You can Get without Cable!

Today we break down how to watch live Free TV without a need for any streaming device or cable subscription. Access networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX and much, much more for with no monthly costs.

By using an over the air antenna you can access all major networks along with other channels such as LAFF and Antenna TV.
Go to to see which channels are available in your area.

Purchase an Antenna Here:

So Better 35 Mile HDTV.
QERY 50 Mile HDTV.
Clearstream 60 Mile HDTV.

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Happy Watching!

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  1. Audreystreats says

    Can you put directv now on the very first Roku or is it just for the newer Rokus?

  2. Marifer Castillo says

    Does it have the Travel Channel?

  3. grifffin says

    okay, but network over the air digital high definition TV is NOT Premium TV, by definition.

  4. tuck the fitans g says

    I'm shocked people don't know what a antenna is.lol

  5. keenley gousse says

    I am having a problem I cannot connect my TV to my Xfinity wifi can you help please

  6. Teclote says

    Need to clarify your statement about using an antenna. Is that in a different video?

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