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Unlimited Access to a Paid IPTV Trial For FREE (2017)

Unlimited Access to a Paid IPTV Trial For FREE

This can also be done on kodi 16.1 and M3u players like perfect player etc

Websites used in the video :

Get Cyber Ghost Vpn here:

feel free to use any VPN and this may work for you without one as long as you clear cache and history etc on device
This works very well but don’t abuse it or we may lose it

A video showing How to install on kodi 17,

if you need help here are two good Facebook groups:

same technique should work on all devices ,?
subscribe to my channel for more videos on how to install builds and add ons and other software , ?subscribe and share , don’t let ppl be charged to install free software ??
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where to click
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  1. LUV KASHYAP says

    Waste of time….

  2. edi sh says

    if these lists work only for 3 hours and you can not test them during sports events than tell me whats the point of doing this. just a waist of time thats it.

  3. Ilias El says

    Thanks man i knew about this website my question is is there any better website than this because its get off every sports evenement.

  4. Steve Pryor says

    Brilliant. …..works very well.
    however…..not good for sports I think…….Can't get test if any sporting events on.

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