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The Players Klub IPTV on KODI is an excellent premium service that gives you great hd quality cable / live tv from Usa, Uk, Canada and Latino, PPV, Movies on Demand, Music and Tv Catchup mostly for sports. You can use the iptv kodi addon or setup the pvr for kodi. In this video I am gonna show you how to install and setup both.


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  1. Ray Entertainment says

    Hi friend. Where can I find wwe replays in you build?

  2. Gary Bruce Marks says

    Everyone keeps complaining about this service. I have been using it for a few months now and yes there is some down time but it sure beats ever searching for free iptv links which is up and down like a yo-yo. For USD5, well i am not complaining.
    Thank you Dimi. 🙂

  3. Ron Goss says

    Dimi, I am disappointed that you would recommend this service that is always down and has no customer service. They are anonymous which is why no one trust them. When they said it would always stay free, they started charging for premium service before they fixed the free service. As of today there are no USA/CA links just Latino .

  4. Marcellus Perkins, Sr. says

    What do I use for user name and password?

  5. OndemandinternetTV says

    To many down channels people beware. Hope they are better but when I had them it wasn't good.Try for a month if you want but FIre Phantom iptv is also $5 and more reliable and more channels.

  6. Chua M T says

    It never works even though u pay for it.Dont spoil your reputation recommending this crap, Dimi

  7. Tony Haywood says

    I am trying to resign on the the klub can not get to my account need help thanks

  8. Dimitrology says

    I see a lot of comments, as always when it comes to premium iptv. Let's make things very clear: it is $5 service. For that price it is very good. Is it the best? No! I made videos about the best premium iptv, so if you want the best watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G2oH3wbjzY For the people that are against premium I would agree but free iptv is very unstable, the costs are simply too high to offer it for free. At the end it is you that decide what your needs are and if or where you want to spend your money. ?

  9. admir hercegovac says

    I installed it but it does not work

  10. Andy Bowman says

    Dimitri what is the best iptv for sports pay per views?

  11. Giorgos Liagas says

    Εισαι κορυφαιος, μου 'χεις δωσει λυσεις απειρες φορες. Ευχαριστω!

  12. paul johnson says

    customer service sucks, I went back to SuicideTv….

  13. pfitzsimmons008 says

    Hi dimi I'm still looking for a tv show on demand has this got one

  14. gilldenness36 says

    After watching his review on the players Klub,, i decided to purchase the service and was let down within 10 minutes most of the channels Don't WORK Dont waste your time or money.. Dimitrology you do some good work but this 1 has let you down bro

  15. Ijaz H says

    I tried the free version of this and every channel I play cuts out after a minute. How do I stop Kodi doing this? At the moment this doesn't exactly make me want to rush out and buy this.

  16. David Boyd says

    is there Free service still active. It doesn't work for me anymore

  17. jose zomora says

    mine works great. how do i paid again i try to log in to my account and it wont let me

  18. KillaMC305 says

    How come it lags so much? is there a setting to fix the lag? its like a mini second

  19. jose zomora says

    How can I re paid my service?

  20. D says

    Don't pay for this it sucks was down alot and channels had picture but no sound and now they have got rid of the free one as they say they need to concentrate on paying customers but they are not very good at the either the website to pay goes down then you need to sign up again not worth the BS even for 5 dollars a month i had them on my facebook and the way they talked to premium members not very professional I paid for one month and wont be paying for another.

  21. Warren Alfonso says

    it is always down do not get it

  22. Lou Tones says

    I type the username and password can't access

  23. Askeem Williams says

    Junk. I have tried it too times…. I would not recommend

  24. stacy stclaire says

    dimi do you need to use a vpn for playerklub

  25. stacy stclaire says

    Thank you

  26. John Galloway says

    Hi Dimi,I just signed up for this iptv service and when I click on the channels it says cannot play video.Please help me.

  27. john brown says

    Demi, Na Zdorovie, can you do an update on The Players Klub? Seems that they changed their payment site and they have no record of my account. Not a huge deal but account logins do not match addon logins and password. I am just curious if I start over, go elsewhere, or have it fixed??.

  28. weibo bear says

    If the test channels sucks like hell. How to impress they have stable channels with their premium service? not to mention is always buffer and shutdown as their wish. Pleased don't used the $5 charges as an excuse for their poor service. They are not the only service out there and the free service out their is much better than Playersklub.

  29. KARL ?? says

    I want my money back fucking scammers premium my ass all it does is buffer . Filing claim on credit card fuck these losers

  30. Donald Cari says

    nitro is awesome for 20 a month

  31. Donald Cari says

    dont even see the website here

  32. mrbluboy44 says

    I concur, paid a couple of months ago and has not worked for weeks. Also cant get any help on site. website not even the same as it was when I purchased it…

  33. Legal Credit Repair says

    Iso of iptv best reseller program

  34. Brad King says

    I have a question, when I click on Players Klub to try and start looking at LIVE TV, it has the log in error comes up, why does it do that, I just started the $5 service today after I saw the deal from Troypoint in the email he sent to me, how can I get that straightened out

  35. Mike Charlottetown says

    I have 3 tv with android boxes do I have to buy and account for each ??

  36. donpjacobs says

    Hello, how do you cancel if you do not like the service? Thanks.

  37. KARL ?? says

    Go fuck yourself

  38. Lorentin Buca says

    It's shit.. always down and freezes down. Don't even get it

  39. robert mottorn says

    WHERE do i subscribe

  40. S Harter says

    it's crap and always down

  41. Mr Grumpy says

    to confusing who to pay for it

  42. manuel castro says

    its not working on 9.4.2017 10:00pm

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