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The Best Kodi Build Install With Options | Working Kodi Addons for 17.3 and Kodi 17.4

How To Install The Best Kodi Build 2017 for Kodi 17.3 Kodi 17.4 Krypton and all versions of Kodi Krypton with Working Kodi Addons and New Exodus Replacement

In this video tutorial, we walk through a great Kodi Build for Kodi 17.3 Krypton Kodi 17.4 and all previous versions of Kodi 17 that has a ton of the Top Kodi Addons for 2017 and we do a Complete Kodi Setup with the overview before the Kodi Setup Guide. I show you How To Fresh Start using the Ares Wizard and How To Install a Kodi Build with another great Kodi Wizard. Kodi 17.3 Krypton and all previous versions of Kodi 17 came with a lot of layout changes that many people did not like, so this Kodi Build brings back some of the great aesthetics and elements of the older Kodi Jarvis layout with a few Kodi Tweaks. I consider this to be one of the Best Kodi Builds 2017 for Kodi 17.3 Krypton and all previous versions of Kodi 17. It works great on the Amazon Fire TV Stick Android PC Mac and many Kodi Devices. If you are looking for a great Step By Step Setup Guide on How To Fresh Start and How To Install A Kodi Build you are in the right place.

If you would like an Extended Hardnox Tutorial just like the Infusion Tutorial below, let me know in the comments!

Extended Infusion Build Tutorial:

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Credit: Jeremy always does a fantastic job with all of his builds including this one! Thank you so much for your hardwork!!

Reach out to the build support team for build issues and questions.

**All information presented in this tutorial is for educational purposes only**

Protect your KODI with VPN (affiliate link):

Wipe Kodi / Fresh Start :

Install Ares Wizard :

Enable Subtitles Kodi 17:

Jailbreak Amazon Fire TV Stick 2017:

Full Kodi 17 Krypton Tutorial:

The Best Kodi 17 Build 2017 (Amazon Fire TV Stick Approved):

Do you Need a VPN for KODI?:

Protect your KODI with VPN (affiliate link):

Get the BEST LIVE TV Here:

My Kodi Device of Choice- Nvidia Shield TV

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    You're the Bomb.Com!!! Thanks, this build has a lot to offer. Actually, my 1st time utilizing a build and it's pack with variety access!! I can't wait to share with my parents. They should be able to update there fire tv with the aid of your video. I do have 1 question: is it a method to remote into my parents fire tv and perform the updates?

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    You do amazing videos! Thank you for all you do!
    Now I have searched on the video where you said you'd talk about removing what you don't need and I can't find it! Watched, fwd and rwd several times! Can you time stamp it in your description of point me to a video where you address this?
    Many thanks in advance! ❤️

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