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The Best Android TV Box? 2017

On this video i will share with you guys what i believe to be the Best Android TV Box for 2017 in 4 different categories:

– Best Hardware –
– Best Price for the Performance –
– Best TV Experience –
– Best Budget – &

The individual reviews of all machines can be found here

Wireless Remote Control Comparison:
Gamepad Comparison:
Mini PC´s Win 10:
Mobile Devices:

With the help of this great community, here we are back for a season ending.

As usual all the choices are my opinion but based on all the experiences that i had with these machines and hopefully will help to decide which box is the right for your self.

Also i would like to hear your experiences down bellow on the comments so that we can get a nice discussion going on and that it helps to build the Best Android TV Box 2017 Video.

Hope it helps
Roberto Jorge ?

Latest Android TV Boxes Reviewed:

– Nvidia Shield TV
– Minix U9-H
– Wetek Play 2
– Xiaomi Mi Box 3
– Beelink Gt1 / GT1 Ultimate
– Minix U1
– Zidoo X9S
– Ugoos UT4
– Ugoos AM1
– Dolamee D6
– Nexbox A95X
– Probox Air Plus
– Beelink SEA I
– MyGica ATV 495
– MyGica ATV 1900
– Wetek Hub
– Yundoo Y8
– MX Max
– Tronsmart Vega S95
– Wetek Core
– Himedia Q10 Pro
– NexBox N9
– Ziddo X6 Pro
– Ziddo X5
– Ziddo X1
– MX IV Tellos
– MX III – G
– Probox EX2 Plus
– Tronsmart Orion R68
– M8S Plus
– Minix Z64 Windows 8.1
– Minix Z64 Android
– Minix X8HPlus Andoid TV Box
– Xtreamer Wonder Andoid TV Box
– Wetek Play Andoid TV Box
– Beelink iOne Andoid TV Box
– Probox 2 EX Andoid TV Box
– MX III Andoid TV Box
– MX IV Andoid TV Box
– Minix X6 Andoid TV Box
– Ziddo X9 Andoid TV Box
– M8S Andoid TV Box
– Bluetimes RK3288 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Phantom MX4 Andoid TV Box
– Instabox Fantasy A8 Andoid TV Box
– Rikomagic MK12 Andoid TV Box
– Ubox RK 3288 Andoid TV Box
– Mobie Solo Andoid TV Box
– XS Box Andoid TV Box

Windows Mini PC´s:
– Beelink BT3 Pro
– Minix Z83-4
– Minix NGC-1
– Minix Z64 Windows
– Beelink BT7
– Beelink BT3
– Tronsmart Ara X5 Plus
– Wintel Dual OS

Portable Devices:
– Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet
– GPD Android
– GPD Windows 10
– Chuwi Hibook 12
– Xiaomi Mipad 2
– Cube iWork 10

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  1. Kenneth Ketchum says

    why is it when i go to look at the minix items you have with the specs listed, they have totally different specs when buying at ebay, etc, etc, etc, it seems they changed the specs//hardware profiles-internals???????

  2. Kenneth Ketchum says

    bnhphoto has the same items just with only quadcore offerings etc,

  3. gary lu says

    hi, which model is best tv box?

  4. M4airsoft says

    Prezado. Qual tv box me indica para abrir os canais h.265 1080p Streaming? Testei aqui o yundoo e o KM8 PRo e não abrem os canais h.265 1080p

  5. KCWebPlaza says

    My brain hurts. I'm interested in the most affordable Android TV box for gaming only. I already use a Roku for streaming TV/Movies. So for gaming only, should I skip "Android TV" and buy a box with stock Android OS? I already have a Plex server too. So… want a cheep, simple box that the only purpose is gaming with the family. Will purchase 4x bluetooth gamepads. Android TV seems like its restricted for games available to purchase… I'm techie, could sideload, but again, just want cheap and gaming only.

  6. Jose Sanchez says

    What about the Mi Box?

  7. i'm A hOleytarget says

    You really did a great job on this video. You definitely helped me, thanks.

  8. K NAZ says

    Hi Robert, I want a box which is mainly for movies and documentaries. Which box would you recommend?

  9. murat elahi says

    Hey sir what do you think of the matricom quad core , I didn't see that on your videos

  10. Irfan Sazali says

    hi, can mi box and minix neo u9-h play netflix on 4k mode?

  11. MyNegativeCreep says

    Can you suggest me a box please`?
    I want to use android apk's on it like maxdome, skygo, amazon prime video and netflix with WIFI. And I would like to connect external harddrives to it.

  12. Bota Marcel says

    Roberto can help me for take a good choice in buy one tv box, if you have a choice what it the best android box what you choose? thanks in advance

  13. Bren Rush says

    Does not matter about that right box. 😉

  14. Joe Soteldo says

    Roberto, which one can i get if I have a MAC and dont want to buy an apple tv?

  15. Raji Adhikari says

    Which TV box to chose from following list, only to watch TV programs and Videos
    1. Beelink gt1 ultimate
    2. Sunvell T95z plus
    3. Beelink sea1
    4. Senvell Qstreaming box
    5. Zidoo x8 smart TV
    6. Original xiaomi Mi smart

  16. jobytsaju says

    Hi Jorge.. I've purchased one H96 pro plus and the device is great except for the WiFi reception which is terrible. But I can't use ethernet port to connect since my router is away from the box. Can I use a wifi repeater with ethernet port to catch wifi signals from my router or phone hot-spot and take the output through RJ45 ethernet port of the repeater to connect to the tv box ethernet port. Please let me know. Thanks in advance

  17. Cash Money says

    Very useful!! Does the Xiao Mi Box play Netflix in HD??

  18. Angry Tomato! says

    What is your opinion on MXQ pro S905X as a bugdet box or price/performance box?

  19. HD Ian says

    I recently bought an MXQ Pro 4K for around $50 and it keeps shutting off so basically I wasted my money

    Can you refer me to a few boxes that is good on performance below $100 that I won't waste my money on?

  20. samuel salazar says

    Can yoy help me pleas. What would you choose T95Z Plus Android 6.0 TV Box Amlogic S912 or Beelink GT1 Android 6.0 ?

  21. Yvi Cadet says

    What android box I don't have to point the remote control on the box exactly to use it? That's what I don't like about Android box. The fire TV stick is very good as long as you point the remote on the TV you can change the channel quickly. But for the Android box you have to point it in the box exactly.

  22. Zeeshan Ahmed says

    Hey Thanks for the review. I am struggling to decide which android box to get. can we watch Live TV like news channels, sports channels on these android box?

  23. bashkim gashi says

    can I use android box m8s+ without KODI can I delit KODI thanks for help

  24. blackzed says

    Best ever mk808b simple still using one after 5 year's…..

  25. appennini1 says

    Hi, I wanted to ask for advice, which is the best android box to use exclusively with LibreELEC or kodi ? I need a device with excellent construction quality, and also a good remote control. To exclude the nvidia shield that costs too much.

  26. Ankit Nagpal says

    After using 4 different android boxes over last 4 months, I have found a fatal flaw in the technology that it lacks a cooling mechanism. I usually watch full HD content and play latest games on my Android box. And the Amlogics s912 CPU temperature quickly reaches 80 degrees C. And at 85-90 degrees, it automatically shuts down. It is such a major flaw in Android box design that it limits my fun time to just 50-60 mins, After that, I have to switch off my box for 5 mins and start again.

    If the manufacturer just installs an aluminum cooling case and a small fan, it will increase the quality so much. We all know that the lifespan and performance of memory, RAM and CPU increase a lot if the temperature is kept ideal.

  27. Dan Kissane says

    Roberto great video. Quick question I am only looking to watch mobdro and terrium tv , now I have the mi box and I get great speeds of around 82 download speed and about 8 to 11 upload speed. Do you have any suggestions on what I should do. I mean some times it work perfect and sometimes I get some buffering, I shouldn't get buffering with the speeds I'm getting. Would u recommend a different box. Or any ideas I can do. I tried enthnet and wireless not much of help still get a little buffering I would like your option please. And I am a subscriber to your channel

  28. stugabe33 says

    Happy to agree with you. My MINIX NEO U9-H is the best android box on the market. It has exceeded all my expectations. MINIX support & online forum is also second to none. Obrigado RJ!

  29. Gwendolyn Carter says

    Thanks I'm learning a lot getting ready to cut my satellite bill.

  30. Britney R says

    Hello. I am looking at android boxes for my viz tv that are under 100 US dollars. I have been looking at the DroidBox iMXQPro V2, DroidBOX T8-S Plus v2 LibreELEC, Beeline, and also Mi Box. I honestly am not sure which beats the other. I know from what I heard they all beat amazon fire tv. But between those I listed which would you prefer? I am looking at performance or quality, the best that works with kodi, and which works the easiest. I'm using this for netflix, pandora, movies, tv shows, live tv if I can, and maybe gaming. I would love for it to have an microphone for me to talk through to the tv.The gaming is a plus though. Please help.

  31. AbdulRhman AlHazmi AbadulRhman says

    I wish I saw ur video earlier, this is the best one on TV boxes I've ever saw, thanks a lot ??

  32. billy sraieb says

    i need help selecting a high end box for my movie theater i am not sure if you heard of these two brands, one is Renegade RG6 box and the other is MAGG tv. if you can think of anything better with reliable service and is on the high end side please let me know if you have ever heard of these two boxes. Am looking for something that run on its own platform and reliable servers/sources.

  33. Tre Barzinjee says

    Hi great video thank you! Is there any other box besides Probox2 that has HDMI in?

  34. Nunya Dambidniss says

    How about the G-Box Q3?

  35. Faz Jahanfard says

    hello can i instal tv muchu app on xiaomi one??? thanks

  36. Faz Jahanfard says

    is all the apps accessible in both market pure Android and tv os???? appreciate it if you answer me

  37. Krista Serrano says

    Hi Roberto ! Can you recommend a box ( not named the Nvidia $hield ) that would serve me best for IPTV like set or gears TV & Kodi using wifi ? Thank you for the awesome video. Cheers

  38. Mel Berg says

    Thx for this vid RJ nice I think for me Wetek Play 2 with cable tuner and amlogic s912 cpu will do for me so i have 2 wait

  39. Michael Prosser says

    Great work as always, it clearly shows your research is in-depth such as web forum support etc. For the price I'm thinking the mi-box to upgrade from my crashing Q-Box. Many thanks.

  40. Godfather44055 says

    what Androi box you recommend for a $100 budget

  41. Faz Jahanfard says

    Hello first i want to thanks for your brilliant channel second I want to see uk tv in Spain have you got any recommendations ???? My choice is xioami mi 3 with tv machu

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