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Sign up for a FREE 3-Day trial — setup email is now automated and will be out quickly. Fight will be on Channel 210 and 211

Link to Setup 3-Day Free Trial of Set TV

FIGHT IS SHOWN ON 210 and 211

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  1. Mitchel Behar says


  2. Glen Fleetwood says

    free trials do not get the fight.

  3. Axe Master says

    Sorry but the fight wont be included during the trial period. Gotta pay for that , otherwise everyone would watch the fight and not sign up after the trial ends.

  4. Kemper Dude says

    The APK link does not work. 404 not found.

  5. MIA XX says

    They sent out an email yesterday saying that the free trial would not include any ppv event. I did subscribe a couple of weeks ado and the fight showed flawlessly last night. I am enjoying set TV and when I have emailed or put in a ticket, they responded right away. I have researcher other IPTV and set TV is the only one that you can use for 3 devices plus 5 for a fourth. Very helpful. So we were able to have the fight going on 3 devices. 1 fire and 2 android boxes, so its all good for us

  6. AKAHEX says

    Registerd and paid my 20$ yesterday through link for ppv fight. None of the 3 code provided worked (Using android) contacted customer service via chat, email, and phone and no reply to date. Subscribed to nitro tv for fight. Guess im out 20$. This is a great video tho!!!! Thanx again for your hard work.

  7. adamhenleyy says

    hey peter, do you have any idea how to run set tv on xbox?

  8. Pandora Ellison says

    How did you install the 3 day trial? Do you use the device code assigned or do they send a code thru email? I can't get device code to work. Says invalid. Pls help. Thanks.

  9. Sean Robertson says

    Peter, I have codes but the link to the apk is broken. Can you help?

  10. Pandora Ellison says

    Peter, Thanks so much! I really enjoy and appreciated your videos.

  11. Tony Haboush says

    So I have set to you myself a few things I don't like his no video input and also some of the channels are not right like on Monday Night Raw on USA channel it comes on at 8 on a real IPTV but on set TV sometimes it comes on at 8:45 which obviously there's an issue. Also some of the channels are not labeled correctly like you can have something that says HBO but Sports will be up on it or you can have something that says you know TBS but it won't be TBS it'll be kids network something that doesn't perform on TBS you know what I'm talking about Peter can you fix this is there a way so that they display the correct information what should be on the screen

  12. laforze says

    So, after watching this video, i went to try the 3 day trial. Right off the bat, didn't work. So i decided i'd pay the $20 and give it a shot. PC client won't take account credentials. Strike 2. Tried to download the pak for the tablets, again, no go. Not a very good start for a new customer.

  13. Peggie Chouinard says

    Peter, please help. I am fairly new to the Firestick/Kodi. I am having a heck of a time trying to set up setv!

  14. Slim Goodie says

    I was wondering when you were going get on the band wagon and be an affiliate for SetV Now. While this service is ok it has many flaws. The Guide is not accurate, Channels get shifted around a lot to where you don't what channels to tune to, While watching a channel you can experience a channel stop broadcasting , Prime channels buffer or there is no video, Audio gets out of sync quite often (test it with CNN).. But with these problems its still cheaper than Cable.. Which is the added bonus.

  15. Quantum Z says

    SET TV was alright until I had an issue. Their customer service doesn't exist but they took my money….

  16. Tarief Jemison says

    Hello can I add this with a build already on? How do I add it? By browser or what

  17. Antoinette Jones says

    I recently jumped in and subscribed to this IPTV. So far, so good! I thought I'd miss YouTube TV's feature of recording shows, but I really don't. And you're correct, the correct one for "you" depends on what you want from IPTV. For me, I decided why pay for 1000 + channels when I'm only watching 100? I like Set TV since I can get locals channels, cable channels, lots of sports channels and premium channels. Football season around the corner so my guy is really excited now. too The only thing I didn't like was the VOD; it buffered horribly for me. But no worries. There's other apk's that will cover that just fine. And this runs outside of Kodi. Another plus for me. I may actually bite the bullet and get the Set box for my main television. Maybe. Thanks for another great review Peter!

  18. Quantum Z says

    Set TV is getting dozens of complaints right now due to customers not being able to put new codes in. They disable Facebook comments so they won't receive the bad air

  19. theDJTAPS says

    This is a total scam!

  20. Yakena1 says

    Never got an answer back from support. Many channels did not work.

  21. Robert Holguin says

    How do I subscribe?

  22. Jamie B says

    GearsTv is way better..also a VPN should be used

  23. Eric DT says

    Anyone know the code for the adult channels?

  24. Scott Stephansen says

    Hi Peter, i m on the 3 day trial im not getting all the channels like NFL MBL and movie channel Im wonder if you have the same problem or if you sign up you get everything

  25. Rich S says

    I get free IPTV through Mobdro. It even works on my Jarvis set up and also Krypton, plus I have 3 different builds to go along with it.

  26. Glenn Patterson says

    Coming to this one late but in case anyone is searching for an IPTV service stay well away from this one. I tried this on a free trial about a month ago and all was good. I then signed up after this video and have to say it has gone way down hill. Playersklub is crap but still better than this. They are now using Peters video as a promo link so please Peter unless they paid you a lot please don't let your excellent rep as a youtuber get tainted by them. Maybe it works great in the States but I've tried it in Europe/Asia and it sucks most of the time. I know the problem is not with my equipment or isp as some channels work well but premium stuff NFL SKY SPORTS and even the History channel don't work in any sort of reliable way. Hey I suppose thats what you get for trying to watch stuff on the cheap.

  27. AKAHEX says

    SET TV Update. After 5 days of trying to contact customer service I finally got through. Turns out I down loaded an older version of the Android SET Tv app. SET working great!!! Thnx Pete…

  28. reg83ny says

    I got this and its the best i've used so far. No support for apple TV. Not an Apple fan but I got 2 Apple TV 2 i need to dust off and put to work. This IPTV runs smooth on the shield.

  29. Corey Bodkin says

    Setv works great! Click the link below for free 3 day trial.

  30. Barbara Harrison says

    How to down load set tv on nvidia

  31. Pratik Choudhary says

    Can anyone upload apk because official link is down

  32. jcmpli says

    Issues with Setv
    Since last update it freezes dozens of times per day, to the point where you just give up.
    Quiet a few channels that do not work, no sound, bad sound, that happens minute to minute every hour everyday.

    You might watch a program and just like that the channel stop working.
    Wrong program on the wrong channel.
    Program info bar shows programs an hour ahead, so you have to guess the name of the show.
    I called many time to get help with at lease some of the issues. No luck. It is absolutely impossible to get tech support.
    They simply do not care.
    One channel CSBN for over a month now is discussing the San Bernadino, CA terrorist attack In never ending loop.

  33. Mulas m says

    need help Peter, I had a free trial for set tv,thanks by the way,I install ed it on my fire stick, but my free trial is over and I have this error thing on my tv,can't get into the app,I want to sign up but it's not working, need help,plz!

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