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Set TV IPTV Candid Review Setv

SET TV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all other IPTV providers.
SET TV is the unrivaled leader in sports: Access to multiple sports packages.
SET TV offers more full-time HD channels than anyone—over 500.
SET TV offers more internationals channels than anyone
Cutting-edge DVR technology CATCH UP that lets you watch your recorded shows.
Stream over 500+ live channels and more! Only $20 per Month.


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  1. Tony Resendes says

    Little to much for me

  2. armando mederos jr says

    I also have three. Set (which i haven't been to happy with their service lately ) playersklub (which in fact has been running better then set lately ) and nitro. Best of the three but it freezes for me late in the day cause I belive it's my low Internet speed. Thank you for the review

  3. RodizellMusicalOne says

    What is your favorite iptv service you have, the most reliable?

  4. Lonchanney1 says

    Set TV is a joke! All these guys giving this junk service a thumbs up should you make you wonder.

  5. DC 4 Life says

    Half the channels are down on this constantly it's ridiculous that you have to hope the channel you wanna watch is up no worth it

  6. RAIDER4LIFE131 says

    set tv not worth the money.. i have 100-120 mbps internet w/nvidia shield w/ethernet connection. still get buffering and lots of down channels. i do like there channel guide though. Cancelled after a month and got gears tv , much more reliable. although it does have its ups n downs @ times but more happier with it than set tv.

  7. Nathaniel Harris says

    Again another review that doesn't show the catch up feature I don't think it works. This has to be at least review 13 that has not shown it working properly.

  8. jcmpli says

    Issues with Setv
    Since last update it freezes dozens of times per day, to the point where you just give up.
    Quiet a few channels that do not work, no sound, bad sound, that happens minute to minute every hour everyday.

    You might watch a program and just like that the channel stop working.
    Wrong program on the wrong channel.
    Program info bar shows programs an hour ahead, so you have to guess the name of the show.
    I called many time to get help with at lease some of the issues. No luck. It is absolutely impossible to get tech support.
    They simply do not care.
    One channel CSBN for over a month now is discussing the San Bernadino, CA terrorist attack In never ending loop.

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