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Review: Set TV Now IPTV Service

This the best IPTV premium service. No Buffering, No Skipping, No Freezing. Its better than cable. Check it out. You will never go back to expensive cable package or trying to land free streams off Kodi. This is reliable product. Works on 3 devices in your home or on the go. Android Box, Tablet, Phone, Firestick, Laptop

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  1. Dave Zille says

    Just wondering, are you using the set top box for this?

  2. Alex Encinas says

    I just got this service but the res some channels with no video input have you had this issue?

  3. Kenny Gioni says

    how do u get it on LG Tv??

  4. RejectedManiac says

    By the way their page to download the apk is down..

  5. Imran Ali says

    I'm having an issue with a pop up in a pink box it says my system will be shut down and a 30 sec timer. I have an android box and I never had this issue until I downloaded the .apk that was sent to my email by set tv. I tried with different links also. My friend who I installed it for also had the same issue. If anybody knows how to stop this could you please tell me how to do it. Other than that it's the best and only iptv I would use.

  6. keri toodle says

    What device did U use in you video?

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