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PERFECT TV IPTV Full Channel List

The most IPTV channels. 8100+ Channels and 3000+ VOD. Free Trial. TONS of SPORTS CHANNELS!!! Canada, NFL, MLB, United States, UK, Germany, Africa, India, Asia and tons more. Check list below.

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Perfect IPTV Subscription

In This video I’m using Mi Box 4K

Where to Get Mi Box 4K Android TV

Mi Box 4K America

Mi Box 4K Canada

Mi Box 4K EU

STB Emu is the Android App I’m using in this video

————————- Channel List ———————–

USA Channel – 02:15
Canada – 04:17
Malta – 05:26
Nederland NL – 06:17
Japan – 07:45
Australia/New Zealand – 08:23
Thailand-True Package – 08:33
Africa – 08:44
Pakistan – 11:04
India – 11:11
Mexico/Latino – 11:26
Estonia – 12:48
Myanmar Sky Net – 13:00
LETV – 13:23
China – 13:40
Afghanistan – 14:00
Romania – 14:07
Asia – 14:43
VOD USA (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) – 14:48
Lithuania – 15:54
4K UHD – 16:02
Tunisia TV – 16:43
OSN VIP – 16:58
DMTN TV – 19:45
Bein Sports – 20:04
MBC – 22:10
Bein Media – 22:26
MyHD – 23:16
PEHLA – 23:43
HEVC CH – 24:00
VIP AR – 24:26
Arab TV – 26:32
AR Sports – 26:36
AR Eygpt – 26:42
AR Syria – 26:50
AR Lebanon – 26:56
Maghreb – 27:08
Sport DMTN – 27:10
France CH- 28:29
Italia CH – 30:14
USA-CAN VIP – 32:19
UK Channel – 35:50
Germany CH – 42:03
Turk – 44:14
Nordic – 44:20
Belgique – 44:30
Russia – 44:31
Portugal – 44:42
Brazil – 45:24
Bulgaria TV – 46:24
ALB Ex-Yu – 46:30
Greek TV – 46:40
Czech TV & Slovak – 46:50
Espania CH – 47:05
Netherlands NL – 47:10
Sat Thor 8W – 47:16
Slovakia – 47:30
Bosnia & Herzegovina – 47:36
Yes & Hot – 47:41
South Korea – 47:53
Vietnam – 47:59
Indonesia – 48:13
Thailand-True Package – 48:22
Somali TV – 48:27
Ukraine – 48:31
Kurd TV – 48:47
Persia TV – 48:50
Pakistan – 48:53

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  1. Damien Tilus says

    From Canada ??

  2. John Sebek says

    Hi Honest Fred, thank you for your awesome video. I am Canadian from Montreal and was wondering what make and model tv box you are using. I love the look and ease of it. Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks again

    – John

  3. Charbel Youssef says

    Honestly, I have just subscribed because of the effort you did doing this video. Instead of giving us a link to check the channels, you went through it one by one. The phone fell twice from my hand while watching :))))) but I watched it all. Really Great Job man, Cheers

  4. Miss says


    I want to win
    G8 channel

  5. Kenny Conner says

    For US real interested. Looks awesome.

  6. Robin Goodfellow says

    Love it Fred love it

  7. Jose Lazcano says

    Hy honest fred , are they dissable your facebook page ? I try to claim my prize from the draw that you did saturday night about mitv iptv … but i c your page is unable to reach.

  8. Justin Okoli says

    Hi Honest Fred,

    I am interested in the perfect tv iptv. Please is there any trial so I can try on my Android box but if not could you give the link so I can subcribe
    I am well impressed with what I saw in your youtube with the amount of channels on it especially the Sports channels

    I am one of your UK youtube subscribers

    Please your assistance would be appreciated. I have an Android Box 6.0 with STB EMU PRO app

  9. PV 11 says

    Do you kn ow why is it not accepting subscription at the moment?

  10. talibankiller305 says

    Hi how are you? How do i get this on Nvidia shield and how much is it

  11. TIPESC Soccer says

    Will I get the perfect iptv as promised?

  12. Ger Gruyters says

    he dit is fet hoor thanks go on de good werk i am from holand

  13. marcel hoogduyn says

    Nederland hier mijn Engels is zo slecht van daar in het Nederlands . Top filmpjes bedankt ?

  14. 75Mattd says

    Lol. I want to know what type of subs i can get with the MAG254 Box. I like their box's because of the better remotes

  15. onimama1 says

    Please how can have got all this channel list

  16. Sher Bhatti says

    hi i am located in Germany and would like to watch Indian Pakistani channels . i am not an expert . can you please explain !

  17. daaikenator1 says

    Hey, I'm from South carolina, I would like to be a reseller of this service. Could you point me in the right direction

  18. Manchester Boys says

    hey quick question i have a MAG 250 and i changed the URL can i get the original URL back?

  19. Marc McWeeney says

    hi honest Fred, Marc Here from Ireland service looks great would love to give it a try. thanks

  20. Ahmed Ezzat says

    hello Fred.. am from sweden.. just looking for ipTv thats work with amazon fire stick.. may b u can help.. waiting

  21. Shah Islam says

    Hi, thanks for this great video it has convinced me to purchase IPTV but i'm still a bit confused as i have no idea what box to buy please can you recommend me a reliable box

  22. Stephen Collins says

    Looks really good…. look forward to using this…. as we don't get terrestrial or cable here…..

  23. Eric Sturgess says

    does it work on android phone, is so what package to i buy/ I HTML it to non smart tv

  24. Jknubb Knubby says

    Fred enjoy your videos very much keep up the good work viewing from southeast Ga US.

  25. Arley Myers says

    Hello Fred thanks for the video

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