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“Paid IPTV” Streaming Service Like Cable Android Set Top Box FREE 30..

Paid IPTV Streaming Service Like Cable Android Set Top Box FREE 30 Days When You Buy My Android Set Top Box!! Break The Cable tv bill Chain and Get Unlimited Movies and TV Shows and Live Streaming Sports PPV Premium Cable Channels VOD and More for $15 A Month On Your Second Month!!!

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  1. Anthony Williams says

    The Roku Premier+ The Roku Ultra Sling TV Review VS Android Set Top box And Streaming IPTV!!

    Incase You Have Been Looking At The "Roku Ultra" Or The "Roku Premier" Streaming TV Set Box….How About Taking a look at My Android Set Top Box The M8S Pro With My New Motor City TV Live Paid Apk Which is $15 A Month And Better Than Sling Tv….

  2. Rock Crusher says

    #1 your full of it! – Kodi is alive and well. #2 There are other streams FAR better then this. #3 Take our sales promo elsewhere.

  3. Big Daddy Los"s says

    Is there a guide? How many devices will the $15 cover? I hope not 1 like Gearstv

  4. elijah ford says

    How do down load this on my firestick

  5. arvind padhiar says

    In this video I see channels looks like SD quality.

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