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New iptv service that i am offering along with ok2 iptv

New iptv service that i am offering along with ok2 iptv



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KODI Singleton Urban Build 17.1-17.4:

KODI Singleton Build 17.1-17.4:

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APK’S: STB Emulator

Xtream Codes Add-on

Team Viewer Quick support for android device

Team Viewer Quick Support for Windows

Kodi Jarvis 16.1

Kodi 17.1 Krypton 17.1

Spmc Jarvis 16.6

Movie and tv show players

Movie and Tv show Apk’s

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  1. lion kahled says

    thanks . as there update for kodi krybton 17.4 and the iptv in 17.3 dont work

  2. Calverick Hart says

    Which one is better, and do any one of them have centric

  3. E.M. Brown says

    Appreciate the work you do brah, and without all the extra sh*t, as other developers claim to do.
    Do your thing!!

  4. E.M. Brown says

    Hey, E
    This has nothing to do with this video, but how can I get Music Choice on my build?
    Apologize for being off topic. Thanks ahead of time.

  5. Linda Nash says

    This looks very interesting great video. I would like to try the free trial, I am looking for a station that comes on every day 9 to 11. (FSTV) Free Speech TV – Stephanie Miller show. have u seen any thing like that Direct TV channel 348. Oh and i was so happy to see Rev Byron Brazier's and other preachers that i listen to on your christian show. Bare with me if my questions are long. One UMCTV, Urban Movie Channel. If you see those two can you let me know. Thanks for your patience and reading my long comment. Sorry. Learning Senior.

  6. ~Realist~ says

    Your facebook link is not working..

  7. zambrano4200 says

    This is freaking dope as hell g thank you for all ur hard work

  8. J P says

    I am interested in your service. I would like to subscribe.

  9. J P says

    No I have not.

  10. Easy Acoustic guitar Songs Any song says

    Oh good a new IPTV service for me to try and review. It looks pretty good by the video

  11. ben mcmillan says

    will this service work with perfect player for android? i'd be interested in the free trial as well. can i get more info from your Facebook group?

  12. Alex Luna says

    What's the new green iptv called??

  13. rdwayne53 says

    the video dont tell you how to set up nettv ? can you tell me how to get it

  14. tony nicosia says

    I am interested in this service. Is there a site I can go to to learn more about it and the pricing?

  15. J P says

    MAC address 00:1A:79:82:34:9F

  16. arvind padhiar says

    Ok, I want totell you somthing, I am paning to sell android tv box with IPTV service. so how to get free trail, and what player should I use? thank you.

  17. Glennette Joseph says

    hi I am interested I joined your fb group but it's still pending

  18. Glennette Joseph says

    how much a month can I get d free trial

  19. da aikenator says

    Love the vids man. Do you offer a reseller package. Or could you point me in the right direction?

  20. Charly Gallegos says

    Im interested how much it costs

  21. Charly Gallegos says

    For a year

  22. John Fitz says

    I have a zgeema h2s box canI get it added to it

  23. Ken Mcmaster says


  24. Charly Gallegos says

    I am interested in the product and you have ecuador channels

  25. Glennette Joseph says

    hi singleton I did not get the free trial info

  26. Spike Dogg says


  27. Mike B says

    Can you make a favorites list?

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  29. Kenny Fiolek says

    Would like to try the net tv service. Thank you.

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