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Very beautiful, the new free iptv addon on KODI called Kong TV or simply KongTV. In this tutorial we are gonna install it on kodi and also do a brief review to see how it works.

It comes with a very gorgeous User Interface, kind of new on KODI. In order to install it you need also the Dev Raiden Repository:

Developer’s Twitter Profile:

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  1. Drax The Destroyer says

    Set tv

  2. Rich Scott says

    Hey I'll give it a try.. THANKS

  3. Franco Alonso says

    Thanks dimitrology this worked for me ??✅ keep up the good work

  4. Ricardo Luiz Sousa da Silva says

    How can I watch Brazilian TV IPTV?

  5. Ricardo Luiz Sousa da Silva says

    How can I watch Brazilian TV IPTV?

  6. YaBoiLoCoTV says

    K911?? Still no working? Also podgod.. If the uve heard anything Dimi please let me know thanks!!

  7. Abrar Shaikh says

    In which app have South Africa super sports Please reply ??

  8. James Dana says

    Can we add this to the Boom Shakalaka build?

  9. phantom111 says

    IPTV Bonanza is wayyyyyy better. Uninstalled this add-on because 75% of channels don't work. ????

  10. Pauly Wall says

    Dimi your builds are not downloading for me today, don't know what's wrong, it keeps saying dimittrology Tv error, check the log for information. Is your build site down? Please help

  11. Puneet Dave says

    Nobody add to new bollywood movies addons some of the all

  12. Teo Keeper says


  13. DeathBlast69 says

    First thumbs down this this is HORRIBLE! Love the channel

  14. Johnny Fani says

    Hi Dimi is your build repo down I keep getting a error??? Please help?

  15. jim jeffersson says

    youre website is down!!!!!!

  16. John Adams says

    Their has never been a live sports addon that works well on kodi, or a android apk, which does not constantly buffer, or has a unwatchable low video quality image .

  17. Robert Rendon says

    Is dimitrology gone for good because I can't find any links to his websites they all say 404 error

  18. Rakjkd says

    When going on the dimitrology website when I go to get the code for kodi the Code does not appear please advise

  19. Lucifer A says

    Where are the codes ?

  20. Ad Mo says

    Won't let me get code

  21. Stephen Eastlake says

    Why won't it give me a code for a build

  22. Thomas Golden says

    I still have red boxes on my schism TV serenity what I can do about it?

  23. Pumpkin King XXIII says

    Dimitrology, your get the code as well as most of all your pages have gone code 404.

  24. lildee0322 says

    Dimi give us an update. Whats going on with the URL of happiness????

  25. DrizzyDre89 says

    What is going on with your website Dimi? I can't get the code, the repo is not connecting. What's up?

  26. Honest Fred's says

    the problem is that you get what u pay for, if ur not paying for it chances are it's not going to be reliable

  27. The21RUSH21 says

    Dimi I'm from Canada and you site on Google its blocking me ?

  28. Cristian Giron says

    I can't seem to download any builds from dimitriology repo, can you help?

  29. Lucifer A says

    The codes are back… thank you D.

  30. Rose Bouyea says

    My android box
     crashed. I did the reset tooth pick thing. When the system recovery comes up my remote won't work and I cannot scroll down to choose factory reset. Should I just throw the box out?

  31. yasin ahmed says

    thank you a wise man dimo is your ampision

  32. Robert Rendon says

    Where's Dimi at? I think he's either gone for good or his site has been hacked?

  33. Troy Groom says

    I hear Phoenix is back. Do you the link for it?

  34. Axe Master says

    Dimi was busted at Rome airport trying to smuggle Android boxes back into Sparta…..all 300 of them.

  35. G love g says

    Where you at????????MIA.

  36. Karym B says

    Hi Dimi! Any IPTV for France channels? BOomshakalaka !!

  37. LaKar Bro599 says

    Hey Dimi, do you know where we can find the Teevie addon again in Kodi 17.3 since the echo coder repository is not available anymore and I've used this tv addon a lot?maybe in another repo?
    Thanks in advance (Γειά σου πατρίδα!!)

  38. Lucifer A says


  39. Thomas Scott says

    I am trying to add kong tv but I am having problems, I go to filemanger add source and my problem starts

  40. Josh Richard says

    Yo dimitrology. … the kodi 16 base build keeps getting an error… Help

  41. M1S†eR FREE D says

    Not working for me either, not complaining though, this shit is expected

  42. Manny The Barber says

    Yeah King Kong don't work

  43. Constantine Gonatas says

    Den Doulebei.

  44. Dwyane Suber says

    What's good Dimi. Hope all is well. Looking forward to some new content from your channel.

  45. Jason Brown says

    Do you know of a good addon or APK to watch CP24

  46. Alberto Flores says

    Doesnt work

  47. Jamal El Harchi says

    your great Dimitrology THanks

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