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Mag Box Unboxing & Review – MAG 254 IPTV Setup box

In this video I’m un-boxing and reviewing the Original Mag Box 254.
This box is one of the main IPTV boxes on the Market and is manufactured by a German Company.
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  1. kishan says

    Do u have to update epg manually and how many days is the epg

  2. Mohammed Kazi says

    i am very new to this. how do i add M3U play list on MAG 254

  3. PV 11 says

    What IPTV sub. you using and what other option you suggest?

  4. David Cody says

    Hey, cheers for the video, I'm all set up but now that I am I can't seem to get back to my settings, there is no option for it along the bottom and the setup button is not doing anything for me, any ideas?

  5. Jika Officiel says

    Y'a t'il une configuration sur la box des fichier a telecharger ou un lien url sur le portal a mètre pour ne pas payant l'abonnement de 1ans ? Merci

  6. Rob Davies says

    i have problem with mine – Page loading error. Anyone help

  7. MrFazyy says

    From.the offical website you can not buy directly can you? Where would you say you can buy from.that legit. Satelitte world?

  8. kevin mcatamney says

    Hi could you put the address of the firm on here where you bought the box please as i keep getting different one's and dont know if its the real deal or not, thanks.

  9. Brenda Churchman says

    im aving problems with the volume on mag 254 (very low) any suggestions on fix

  10. Armaan says

    Is there something on ur box called ITV box office PPV? Will WWE paperviews be on that channel or not? Also can ucheck fo me on sky sports box office HD if WWE network is streaming on there?

  11. Shaun Brookes live says

    How do you set it up

  12. 1888Frosty says

    nay vay brother

  13. Ben Blackman says

    what iptv provider do you use?

  14. Ali Maclennan says

    I have a new box and an m3u file from a provider.Do you have any videos showing what you do to load it onto the box ?

  15. Mohammed Kazi says

    hi mate i'am new to this, does all channals preload when you swtch on,and is there any free cahnnals

  16. Shedi Ali says


  17. Shedi Ali says

    Well done….very informatic…yhnkx 🙂 🙂

  18. James Saron says

    I don't have superfast b/band and average approx 10.5Mbps – is this sufficient for IPTV or will I have lots of buffering etc ?

  19. Jon Whitaker says

    Good video . Is this the way forward now

  20. Clint sparkey says

    look better then my provider my provider having trouble with epg and HD channels

    nice video tho

  21. paul murphy says

    when are do the video how to do a complete setup on the mag box m8 .thanks

  22. Deedious says

    nice video, would you say an IPTV box is better than a sat/cable box?

  23. paul murphy says


  24. Taco Struijk says

    Kishan, ik ben je nummer kwijt!

    Kan je mij appen je hebt mij geholpen met mijn dreambox vorige maand.

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