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Again, I repeat

The builds / repo / addons are now all stored on a dedicated server which has truly unlimited usage and bandwidth.

Steps to install are outlined below

1. (important)
Clear all data via the android menus, not a fresh start in kodi, a full clear data is needed to get rid of the old install.

Install our v4.0 repo from

Th3 T00l5 – our new toolbox is found in the updated repo, this is the only URL and only place you can find this ATM, no other urls and Install routes are available..

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Enjoyed the video and wanna offer me a beer or coffee?



Enjoyed the video and wanna offer me a beer or coffee?

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  1. CSSC0DER says

    Alternate URL to us too, personally I'd try this one first http://tinyurl.com/priiism

    Also don't forget to head over to http://cssc0der.com and click the competition tab and you'll see I have competitions running every 2 weeks. Enjoy !

  2. The Beast Build Kodi says

    Proper slick looking??

  3. Rueben Ortiz says


  4. Rueben Ortiz says

    Also…you should be paid for feeding your pup. You should be paid for frikkin breathing my guy!! You do bloody good work

  5. paul haltiwanger says

    Good work thanks for the info

  6. Tim Jackson says

    Nice build gotta get this

  7. Tim Jackson says

    What the password for the adult?

  8. Koop802 says

    What's the adult password??

  9. chico slai says

    Not working

  10. Andrew Marshall says

    Nice intro video nice build but can the lad how made the build make a family build thanks very much keep the video coming and thanks again for the video build ???

  11. bwilliamswyn25 says

    I click install but nothing happens. Also the add-on version in the video is newer than the one in the Prism repo currenty

  12. Angela Byrd says

    I must say your is the best looking build I have encountered so far. Love it this will be home for a long while. So long Cable finally!!!

  13. Donald Cari says

    Going to try this

  14. Donald Cari says

    How much does this cost

  15. Donald Cari says

    Didn't work repository link not there

  16. Donald Cari says

    Got it downloaded does tv service get all sports and ppv?

  17. Donald Cari says

    Can I have the website to sign up for the TV Service please

  18. Paul Ladbrook says

    Cannot get to work tried all repos

  19. Umar Abid says

    Hi what the passcode number for the adult section. I have asked on on their facebook but no has got back to me. Please HELP!

  20. Marcus Toney says

    Thank you so much for existing! You are by far the greatest person out there helping people with free info that definitely could come at a cost. You Rock!!!

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