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KODI 17.4 ARES WIZARD!! NEW Install (AUG 2017) BEST Builds, Repos & Addons. Easiest Setup Ever!!

KODI 17.4 ARES WIZARD!! NEW Install (SEPTEMBER 2017) BEST Builds, Repos & Addons. Easiest Setup Ever!!

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– Over 500 Kodi Builds Available
– Best Complete KODI Wizard
– Install Best Builds, Addons, Repos
– Easy one click setup
– Works on both Kodi 17.4 Krypton & Kodi 16.1 Jarvis
– Backup / Restore
– No Buffering Fix
– Internet Speed Test
– Kodi Maintenance
– No Weblinks
– Step-by-step Tutorial
– XBMC / SPMC Best Builds
– Easiest Method Ever

NEW Source Link for Ares Wizard:

Alternate Source Link for Ares Wizard:

Get Kodi On Your Apple TV 4, iPhone or iPad Forever Without A Developer’s Account

Kodi 17.4 / 17.3 / 17.2 /17.1 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

Also includes Live TV, Free IPTV Stalker, TVAddons and Live Sports. Channels like: CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, CNN, C-SPAN, BBC, Bloomberg, PBS, Disney Channel, Nick Jr, Cartoon Network, Kodi Solutions, Bravo, Toon, TV Land, TNT, TMC, AMC, ASBYT, TBS, FX, Sci-Fi, Science, Discovery, NASA, History, Hallmark, Lifetime, Mystery, SoapNet, Romance, Shopping Network, MTV, Newtechevolution, Entertainment, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Starz, ESPN

500+ Best Builds included:
– Ares Builds
– Pulse
– Apollo
– CellarDoorTV
– Tom B / Tomb Raider
– Brians Kodi
– Cosmic Saints
– Orroo Fire Stick Builds
– Chappie
– Diggz Fire Builds
– Fire TV Guru
– Durex
– Ultimate
– Tardis Builds
– The Griff Build
– Titan
– Streetwise
– Nemesis
– Merlin
– Octagon TV
– The Wolverine
– Diet Kodi
– Brians Kodi
– Vitrol66
– Wizard
– The Lock Stock Build
– Tech Timeruuu
– SpitFire
– Open Source Tech
– The DnA Build
– Rigbys Build
– Jeds fire builds
– Dales Build
– Andys Build
– Gears of War
– The Black Box

Best Add-ons included:
– Covenant
– Stream All The Sources (SALTS)
– Elysium (Zen)
– Bob
– Maverick TV
– SportsDevil (Live Sports & PPV)
– Specto Fork
– 1Channel
– IceFilms
– 3 Amigos
– Project Free TV
– TeeVee
– dexterTV
– Marvin
– NJM Soccer
– MoneySports
– UK Turk Playlists
– Super Favorites

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  1. Lisa Apollo says

    Like it!! ?????
    Excellent tutorial. Very easy to install.

  2. Nick Clark says

    Im downloading a pulse build and its going SLOWWWWWW any ideas why???
    I tested my internet speed and am getting around 70 down and 18 to 20 up

  3. lajuan hawkins says

    Can I add NFL gamepass

  4. Antoinette Williams says

    it's soo many things to get movies N live t.v. I'm confused???

  5. Susan Murry says

    Hello, I haven't been able to install ares wizard for the last three weeks. Did the URL change? It keeps saying no repository installed? Thanks

  6. Vojkan Vojkan says

    How to set it subtitle on the kodi no limits? Thank you

  7. Ed Harrison says

    How can I add 17.4 to my build? Thanks Ed

  8. Tony Jungweber says

    anyone else having issues with Kodi and Terraium tv???

  9. Peter Conelli says

    None of the ad dons work very frustrating using 17.3 or 17.4

  10. THERIPPER216 says

    When I try to install an add on in the area wizard home page it keeps saying error no address associated with host name

  11. Aliby7509 says

    Dang got to Install from zip fill . Repository.aresproject-0.0.8.zip hit Ok FAIL TO INSTALL?

  12. Glynn Scott says

    yvm for showing on how to put it in

  13. MIKE KAY says

    I did everything then a pop said couldnt connect to network server.What now?

  14. Genell Davis says

    I'm new 2 Kodi so I have questions. A. After installing kodi no limits builds couldn't stream kids movies or certain movies in general it kept saying error. Then it also said turn notifications (but I it auto update on it's own) Then I read update Vr no limits magic & a lot buffing 2, Why??? B. Tell me the difference between Kodi builds w/addons or just addons & ares wizards? I'm asking bc I'm newbie C. Can I have both or choose? There r so many choices & updates. Confuse, Please help?

  15. The Ark says

    Used to be. There is an issue with Pulse CCM installing.

  16. Calibulrdr says

    Hi ,I have installed the last few No Limits versions without incident.I tried to install the v7.5 last night on the Kodi fork FTG.I actually have installed it before ,but accidentally deleted it. The FTG install and the build install both worked as usual ,but after the force close and restart the build was not there,just a gray screen? I tried to install it several times using both fresh installs of FTG ,and the No Limits v7.5,fresh install and the same thing happened. I have installed plenty of builds and atleast the last 3 versions of your build ,addons wizards ,so I think I have some experience,but this problem is baffling.I tried to install the v7.5 from all 3 servers over a clean FTG install 3 seperate times with the same results? I think you guys and gals do a great job and your builds are my favorite,but wonder why we have to re install a new version almost weekly ,if not every few days?By the way I used the 17.3 version on the latest FTG APK and tried the FTG from there website and also from other sources like droid buddy 2,and still got the gray screen upon reboot instead of my build. It sometimes just went back to the FTG icon in my ES File Explorer.I know something downloaded by the extra space used on my Nvidia Shield . Any suggestions ,and also is there a way to go back to the version 6.5 or an earlier versions as I like the artwork on some better than others ? Thanks and keep up the great work,but am still curious why a new version comes out so often.I have seen Kodi go from Jarvis 16.1 to 17.0,and up the line to v17.3 in just a few weeks,and now v17.4,and rumors of v18.0. Why are these versions changing almost on a daily basis? I used Kodi 16.1 for like 2 years until these 17.whatever versions came out and each one needs new repos,build and version updates,and they seem to get worse with each update. Hope you can sort this out as I have exhausted all other resources I have for help….Thanks again.

  17. Aaron Dymek says

    Ok so I used the misfits build and now skynet won't work

  18. Franchesca Croft says

    Brilliant video! thank you

  19. Andre Patrick says


    If I install multiple builds, how do I go from one to the other?

  20. Michael Stevenson says

    can i install ares first from a new kodi install ?

  21. S Santana says

    I tried to many times and i couldn't install it, I did step by step and nothing.. Help please

  22. unknown says

    It's telling me not connected

  23. Jonathan conwell says

    Are there any one click and play builds

  24. Mickey G says

    thanks toots!

  25. Zoe Rodriguez says

    Hi I just have a question it's my first fire stick and I'm wondering if there is a add on for just news or all the local Channels from Los Angeles California mainly the news and spectrum

  26. gmoneyga84 says

    Is Kodi off line? cant get anything to play on any add on– everything comes up NO STREAM AVAILABLE  even on stuff Ive already watched

  27. Ryan Weaver says

    What's the best build to use out of all of these ?

  28. Derek pegram says

    hey when i click on civil war krypton or any of the builds, i get a message saying NOT A VALID ZIP FILE…any ideas why?

  29. Jimmy Bryant says

    I like this video???

  30. John Wissinger says

    Why do your icons say 17.4 yet everything you are showing is for 17.3?

  31. Robert Mi says

    Can you explain what a build is?

  32. Ghost Bear85 says

    Best tutorial I've used! Loving the Ares Wizard!

  33. silisia1 says

    Forget kodi,waste of time,,,check out terrarium TV on firestick, ,or mobdro way better than shitty kodi,,,,,,how can u enjoy kodi when TV providers are out to shut it down????…

  34. jummy fleury says

    Is there a new Chappie Build 17.4 version yet?

  35. jummy fleury says


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