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July 2017 New Massive Kodi Addon Picasso Addon 4K movies, sports, iptv and more

Evolve is no more. Goliath from evolve created an amazing all in 1 addon called Picasso. Amazing alternative to the old evolve addon. Enjoy Rohas

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Simple Build Source:

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  1. Rohas Kodi Tutorials says

    1 like to this comment = 6 views
    11 like to this comment =50 views
    21 like to this comment=80 views

  2. Project Trap says

    Awesome video,Keep it up!

  3. BigWen130 says

    The music is the best……along with the tutorials! Thanks for always posting good and informative content!

  4. quique Alamo says

    Looks good, I will give it a try.
    Thanks Rohas ??✌️

  5. Wayne Coolidge says

    Hi Rohas, ? I'm using Xenon build, uses Xonfluence skin, I want it so JUST!.. the widgets show up, see>>> http://prntscr.com/fu3myk top big widgets, black back panel I don't want to see it how do I change this one. Thanks!!

  6. Oscar Grant says

    Thanks this is great. Hey what's the song?

  7. Michael Moss says

    What version of Kodi are you using for this video?  I'm ok Krypton 7.3 and can not find where add on browser is located?  Please help.

  8. Michael Moss says

    I don't know what's going on but my 4K  movies wont play on PICASSO.  I have only gotten 3 of the 4K movies to play and they look great the others try to play and I get an error "One or more items failed to play. Check the log for more information about this message"  How do I fix this?Thanks

  9. Edward Nizza says

    address not working

  10. DevOp City says

    What build is that ur using..it's so clean

  11. crownglock says

    Just downloaded, down and not working… Too bad… Back to exodus and Elysium!

  12. Joseph Anderson says

    just tried to download it says may not be connected to servers

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