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IPTV setup with EPG & Bouquets for Zgemma. FIX YOUR MISSING CHANNELS, and where to buy it.

If you would like to buy this setup email


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  1. Raymond dymond says

    Am i a man or a mouse.

  2. Imran Aftab says

    hi Jon do you or can you make a video or guide me on how to flash my H2H please it's stuck on boot

  3. G W says

    Any ideas doing it on a i55 box? Or is it the same process? Thanks

  4. Ciaran Brown says

    Hi John, thanks for the videos.
    The issue I'm having is that when I edit the Bouquets, save them and write them to my zGemma, they work fine. They show up as they should in Favourites. Both Virgin Bouquets and IPTV Bouquets.
    I turn my zGemma on the next day and they've all gone again.. back to the old Bouquets! lol
    Any ideas as to why they aren't saving?

  5. Ed Lowry says

    Hi John,
    Good video, thanks.

  6. Phill Ruck says

    Hi,Great video by the way, very easy to follow. Only problem I am having is getting the epg to come up. It does all the importing bit, I save it but nothing shows. Any ideas?

  7. S OCallaghan says

    Hello – Great video – quick question about channel updates:

    Once you have installed the script and created the bouquets and the EPG is working. If i update the channel list through the suppliers script. (say once a month) do the bouquests update or does the script just create a new IPTV channel lst and I would then have to update the bouquets manually ?

    I hope i explained that OK.

  8. Ryan McMurray says

    Hi, what set up do I need to get this working?

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