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IPTV Box Avov TVONLINE Plus Demo(Canada)—www.iptvstore.ca

This Video shows how IPTV box AVOV TVONLINE Plus work.
it is for demonstration purposes only.
made by www.iptvstore.ca

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  1. Kereka Williams says

    I have a Avov tv online box . i want to know where i can purchase the code so that i can get the live tv , VOD and the other features

  2. alaeddin Mirfakhraei-Tafreshi says

    How can I order this box?

  3. zxzv1 says

    Some days back I went to an electronic store & he suggested an AVOV for $120/- & 20/- service fee pm – will get all these channels. Can I setup this AVOV box myself?

  4. Len Morley says

    I got one of these recomended to me from iptv brampton. I find out a couple of days later that the VOD (Video-on-Demand) does not search. When you want a movie they list all 1300 of them alphabetically and you have to scroll to "M"- at 10 or 11 per page

  5. Keith Parks says

    how can I get one. with all the US channels?

  6. Kimberley Louwaert says

    How do you do the initial install of box for streaming?

  7. salma saloma says

    How can I order a box, and I want Swedish and Arabic channels .THX


    anyone knows if minix will do the same that this box does if I buy the subscription?

  9. Julius Pais says

    How do get the guide to work that shows what is playing? I've adjusted my timezone to EST but the guide / list show programming that different than what is playing.

  10. Liberate666A1 says

    someone told me they get a 1000 channels with this thing?????

  11. David L says

    thank you for sharing.

  12. Tom Wang says


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