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IPTV auto bouquet builder setup guide for Zgemma, VU+, fix missing sky channels.

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  1. TheMdazza says

    Im already a customer can i use this setup with my current subscription

  2. Gyles Swannack says

    Hi, Can you put this build on a MAG256 box?

  3. fanmail1977 says

    Hi, I want to try your service, we have spoken before you recommend I flash my box with your image, you sent me the link to your image, but my box was not there. I have a vu+ duo2. My current image is wooshbuild openatv 6.0, will your service run smoothly on my current image. thanks

  4. Old school says

    Can you record on this? If not do you offer a recordable service. Thanks

  5. jemma richardson says

    hi wich is better iptv or the virgin line? i cant cope with programmes freezing x

  6. stephen flood says

    I’m guessing this will run fine on a vusolo 2 box?
    Also can I run my existing fta channels along side these channels?
    I’m thinking for more reliability on bbc,itv etc and so I can still use my dish.
    Is it also possible to pause,rewind,record etc?

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