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How To Setup IPTV On Perfect Player

How to setup IPTV on Perfect Player. Perfect Player provides a nice user interface for those who use an IPTV service.

The EPG guide works well and the lightweight app performs remarkably.

The Players Klub Required URLs for Setup

How To Setup IPTV On Perfect Player TROYPOINT Article –

M3U URL – Replace the x’s with your account username and password

EPG URL – Replace the x’s with your account username and pasword

Get your Players Klub account by clicking here –

How To Install VPN On Kodi & Protect Your Privacy –

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  1. TROYPOINT says

    Get your Players Klub account by clicking here – https://goo.gl/2hbaL2

  2. Billy William says

    I like how perfect player is a stand alone app

  3. Billy William says

    My times part of the guild stopped working…the channels show up but not the extended times.

  4. Donald Cari says

    how come theres no video on players klub or any link to view there channels I cant subscribe unless I see what im paying for

  5. Kenneth McKellar says

    Thanks Troy for the set up info. All is a working well, The EPG is not coming up. I have EPG selected and I see the times and the lines but not the guide. Again, thank you

  6. Jason Blackley says

    did everything to a T. EPG is not showing up

  7. Donald Cari says

    the url didnt work that you used for my nitro service

  8. Kukla, Fran and Ollie says

    haha, no way Troy, had no idea if you hold right you can see what's coming up way later on. thanks.

  9. bri Wilde says

    Hi how is it that I can't get the EPG to show up on the perfect player I have put THE URL address in that you posted I changed the EPG FROM HIDE AND THEN SHOW put still get nothing can you help thanks

  10. Wayne West says

    Thanks, Troy.  I was very excited, I installed both URLs on my FireTV.  EPG shows up, I see all the channels, I see the schedule on EPG, etc.  BUT, nothing will play.  It shows like it is buffering for a while, then just returns to the main screen.  I've tried several TV channels and movie — same result.  Nothing will play.  What did I do wrong?

  11. bri Wilde says

    Are thanks so much troy?

  12. TY 15 says

    Thanks again Troy. You're information is A+! Can you, or someone please explain how to install google play store onto fire TV box, or fire stick?

  13. Taylor Januario says

    I was wondering if they have a DVR feature or a way to record shows when one is on during a time one isn't home and watch it later.

  14. arvind padhiar says

    can you tell me where to get daily up date url? thnk you.

  15. Otis B says

    What's a great build that has ppv on it

  16. Anthony Montgomery says

    Is there anyway to set this for my local channels?

  17. Dfs Adamthegreat says

    Why does my channels keep on stopping and kicking back on what can I do to stop this

  18. John J says

    FYI…I use a VPN and was still unable to get the program to work. I eventually changed the IP address to another link and "PRESTO" works great. Thanks, Troy for another winner 🙂

  19. Keith Bell says

    Thank you for this video…

  20. Chris Rucker says

    They are only accepting bit coin payments again…

  21. bonniedas3 says

    Hi troypoint , thanks for another great video! I have installed perfect player on 2 firetv sticks, one is functioning perfectly, but on the other EPG is not working, which is kind of weird considering both were installed about the same time. It's updating and downloading EPG but its not showing up. Any suggestions? Please help!

  22. Tommu Cross says

    I have gone over my epg three time and have waited a week I still can't get this to work I entered everything correctly I even rentered my name and password in playersklub to see if it was right and it is

  23. BL4ZE DS says

    Just upgraded my firestick to the fire tv box…I'm gonna try this exact setup w PK and perfect player. Thanks a lot ! I plan on paying the 2.49 for PP, hopefully it's a nice setup.

  24. Joshua Voller says

    Just went through all steps from your video. Nothing happened. Won't update won't do anything. Tried logging into their website says my is wrong. Cant make ticket cause I can't log in. Tried resetting my password and never received an email. They took my money but I've gotten nothing. Getting a little upset. It's only $5 bit nonetheless I paid and im not getting crap from them. What should I do?

  25. Mickey Mouse says

    Thanks John appreciate the come back

  26. barbara bryant says

    I'm trying to set up players klub for my brother but the link won't allow him to order. Is it down? There's no option.

  27. Karen Michaels says

    Can this be done on my Galaxy S7 edge phone?

  28. KalvinEddie says

    I've tried to get in and follow the video tutorial. There are no options for signing up for a new account. It's like PK has taken down the interface for subscribing. Anyone else see this?

  29. Marvin Ramos says

    Can you help me to install iptv in spanish pls

  30. linda7290 says

    What user name and password should be used I tried a few that I had and nothing is downloading

  31. Jhony Ramirez says

    Hi eveone , can i use vader stream and nitrotv at the same time on the same perfect player ?

  32. lonny weaver says

    That's awesome! Thank you

  33. Willie Cole says

    Hey Troypoint love your videos. Can you explain why after loading PP I cannot use right/left arrows to change the All Channels to anything else. It seems to just scroll up/down vs giving me other countries to select from. Oh this is using Vader w/ PP.

  34. FlexForm says

    Everything is working good, thank you.

  35. Augie 805 says

    Has anyone tried using pp with limitless v2?

  36. Jake G says

    Great video but Just a tip, if your using a fire stick/ fire tv download the fire tv app on your phone and you can copy and paste the URL's so it won't take a long time

  37. Ferrach says

    Where do I go once in Players Klub?

  38. Jamie Fagan says

    Is it possible to put channels groups in the order you would like for example
    Channel 1 BBC 1
    Channel 2 BBC 2
    Channel 3 ITV 1
    Channel 4 Channel 4
    Channel 5 Channel 5
    I have tried to find a way to put them in order but alls I have is channels mixed in with one another and I can't work out how to fix it. Thanks.

  39. David Smith says

    i have multiple playlist and epg how do i swap epg list please

  40. ramsay892 says

    Hi troy at first this ran really good however recently I have been getting buffering ,is thier any way of tweaking perfect player to eliminate this. It's not my speed or my iptv provider as no one else has issues. Cheers thanks

  41. gary eller says

    i have over 1200 channels . but 1 thing it really needs is an update it think, because its crowed as hell and locks up and buffers a lot now . i use the favorite so i don't waste time looking thru stuff i need . im on the computer and my wife is on the computer so our kids are watching the tube here while we work from home so yeah we need this thing ok UP DATE IT FOR SPEED MAN

  42. Thabit Ali says

    Where should I register to get a username and password and where can I get free lists

  43. Dinesh Darji says

    How to get username and password?

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