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How to set up progtv with Vader Streams or your M3U playlist, Kodi not needed

This is a great way to watch TV. With Prog TV you can Watch TV schedule a recording, record your shows. pause rewind and fast forward live TV. This is a nice little app. It is not as stable as Perfect Player, but it is a great way to record your favorite shows. Listed below are the m3u URL needed for Vader stream account holders

M3U playlist URL:
With NO SPACES, I only have a space because it shows up as a URL and does not display the whole url:
http: //api.vaders.tv/vget?username=yourusername&password=yourpassword&format=ts

EPG URL no spaces:
http: //vaders.tv/xmltv.php?username=yourusername&password=yourpassword

If you don’t have VaderStreams yet? Get your reliable IPTV here

Visit the forum for more information and help, there is also a channel list for vaderstream there as well

For more information on ProgTV visit there site at:

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions, don’t forget to like my video and subscribe to my channel and click the bell…

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  1. realjeremy1 says

    Been waiting for it great job brother

  2. bubaloey nil says

    Explain the url for the guide is the username and password a a partt of the guide

  3. bubaloey nil says

    Getting 0 channels in guide

  4. OLI TINSLEY says

    I tried this out and it doesn't provide the same picture quality as the perfect player does

    Update…its hbo zone thats having the issues not probtv ?

  5. OLI TINSLEY says

    It doesnt need the api. In the beginning and nothing after your password

  6. Jay THEDOGSS says

    bro ive tried this out and ,,,,,,well i luv the vader stream service but this app suks lol not user friendly at all my mrs (i thought) was going to have a breakdown hhahahaha when i tried to show her how to use it lol she finds the "smartIPTV" app works much better and is more user friendly ,,, keep up the good work bro

  7. Brian Exford says

    why do some channels have volume and no picture?

  8. sblabs says

    Vader Streams have awesome service.

  9. Oscar Ayala says

    Will the Mayweather VS Mcgregor be streaming on match center this Saturday?

  10. david taylor says

    This is very good..I like how I can go back in a program a few minutes. Priceless ..going to give it a good look. I might be using this instead of pp…video quality is very good as well. Great job

  11. david taylor says

    Will be using this for recording purpose also. Want to see how it works. Great job Vaders Guy…and keep up the good work Vaders stream..

  12. Douglas Bauer says

    How exactly did you get your guide to look like that im stuck with the standard view

  13. bubaloey nil says

    Still at a lost as to how to get the guide work

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