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How To Set Up A MAG 254 IPTV Box

Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How to set up IPTV on your MAG 254

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  1. S E says

    Thank you men, this is the first useful video <3
    >NO HOMO<

  2. Giorgio Idone says

    I put a post up but I don't see it now lol or is it me bad eyes lol ..

  3. nicolas caulineau says

    Hi Fred, I am new at this, please what IPTV Service do you recomend.
    Thank You, Nicolas

  4. Nsingh11 says

    whats the best internet speed needed for it work without buffering

  5. Shafeeq Syed says

    please suggest which reasonably priced android device i need to strem iptv, kodi, browse internet and download some apk's.
    Do you think minix nuo u9 good

  6. Shafeeq Syed says

    i purchased this box last week, can i load kodi on it
    also it is very sluggish on browsing internet i have 60 mbps it pulls the site that all

  7. Armaan says

    Do you have a channel called ITV box office?

  8. Rick Porter says

    Great Instruction video, I am having trouble getting NIRTO TV to play thru my MAG254 box, program guide displays and updates but no preview, sound or video…….what's up with that…..Thanks Fred!

  9. Vladimir Dunac says

    Thanks for he videos! Good job! ??
    Is it possible to do you're review of the different devices you've tried ?

  10. Mona M says

    Where da ladies at!!! ?

  11. Pickpocket72 says

    Hey Fred going off subject I don't think I ask but I have two questions for you one is have you heard of showbox iptv and if what u think of them or not can you see how legit it is so far you can only contact threw twitter and number two outta all the iptv services you have tested which one is best for you in channels an hd quality

  12. Soul brother says

    why are most IPTV channels are not in America Channel version. All i get is Canadian or UK

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