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How to get IPTV on Firestick.. Put m3u List onto Firestick or any device. Step By Step Tutorial

Hi everybody.
This is how you setup Smart iptv on your firestick.You will need an m3u list. Can be a free 1 or go on ebay and search iptv.

I will be doing a review on a providers subscription which i highly recommend and have been testing a while now. all his details will be in the next video.

Hope this helps you guys out. Comment if you would like to know more or have problems.



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  1. David H says

    Hello and thanks for all your tutorials.
    I'm stuck at 4.46, where you have received a link by email. I've gone to siptv.eu/mylist/, but that takes me straight to the page where I should enter the emailed link, which I don't have. How do I ask for the link? The page at 4.46 looks like your inbox?

  2. Free Tech says

    I recommend for your IPTV Subscription going to this guy. he does free tests so you can try first too. And competitive prices For the full sub.

    Test sub:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222579529174

    email: barbells28@gmail.com
    for prices and questions on the iptv packages. Also the customer service is top quality.Very responsive.

  3. peter russell says

    Thank you very much again for another excellent video, cheers mate.

  4. john passmoor says

    Great video.

  5. Morgan priestley says

    Hi every time I put MAC address into google it's putting onto main screen as of to where I need to put the m3u and not giving me an m3u number?

  6. Craig Guinnane says

    Hello mate if the file gets sent to my email how can i then copy and paste it to the app on firestick because its gone get sent to my email on my phone or do i have to put it in manualy

  7. Free Runner says

    Hi ive just bought the £5 deal tbrough paypal as you showed on here. They havnt sent me the m3u link. So i emailed them and they said it doesnt come with channels??? This url email is basically non existence.

  8. Free Runner says

    Any help on getting the m3u for mayweather fight

  9. Dub Station says

    Hi mate, I can't seem to find this m3u file that gets sent to the email. I checked my email and all that comes up is an Amazon.co.uk order. What to do, thanks.

  10. allupindea334 says

    If you ain't got SET TV then u ain't got shit

  11. John Scott says

    Hey mate..had iptv on openbox but have got a firestick and I am being told I might need a vpn to stop the isp from blocking my content..any advice greatly appreciated .thanks

  12. mark Bowman says

    Hi just purchased the Smart TV app for the firestick I got the Mach number and went on to smart TV website and registered and paid the £5 €5 and I got a receipt for the purchase but I never got the URL so I emailed them and they said you need to add the channels yourself any ideas

  13. bigrimyukon says

    Ok let me see if I got this right. I downloaded the app smart iptv got the mac address and now I send a email tobarbells28@gmail.com stating I want a list to try out and he will send it to me? Then I enter it here http://siptv.eu/mylist/?

  14. Adam Charlton says

    Hi there how do I get the email off the provider and who is the provider I can't seem or don't no who sends me the email can you help please

  15. lisa fredo says

    Puttin the link in silt.eu an it's telling me page can't be found ?

  16. Lewis Harrison says

    how do you get m3u file thanks

  17. brian dodd says

    Guys where do I get a working URL playlist for my smart iptv I've just activated

  18. Jackie Leyland says

    Hi. I didn't receive the m3u file to copy in my email x

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