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  1. Jason Cleaver says

    Fred we'll fight them on the beaches they won't take our Fred down ??

  2. Hassan Said says

    Thank you Fred. I'd really like your opinion on which iptv are the most reliable. but how can i get this channels ?

  3. kalikid111 says

    Whats the best iptv that doesnt buffer or at least rarley.

  4. Nico Agostino says

    Fred you make my days brother

  5. Michael Zindler says

    Great videos Fred. I couldn't find your new face book group "Honest Fred Fosu and Friends". I'm looking for a cheap and reliable iptv service.

  6. TheBlooRayChannel says

    What's the web address to this provider? Excellent video as per!

  7. Tanvir Hussain says

    Another Good Video, Thanks Honest

  8. fkxStudios says

    Check out also my channel – For HD & 4K live channels 🙂

  9. endeavour zen says

    I have this on my mag box and switching channels is definitely no way near this speed as your shield.

  10. endeavour zen says

    Would be great fred if you do your reviews on a mag box occasionally. 99% of your subscriber's wouldnt have top of range nvidea as you do. Seeing you channel surf so effortless & saying its the quickest of all iptv sevices made me subscribe yesteday for 1mth. Its incredibly sluggish on mag 254 with channels. I have fast internet and use ethernet to. I foolishly did the same with nitro tv after watching your review.What garbage that was, servers down,non stop freezing etc. Ipguys and voodoo still the best.

  11. Ufuoma Fiki Josh Ogodo says

    This is another great IPTV review by a brother and legend Fred. Bro keep doing your great work…We your YouTube subscribers love what you are doing.

  12. Osaigbokan Uwaifo says

    how do i subcribe to this ?? any links ?

  13. Denman Choice says

    The more Canadian Channels the better. Looks interesting. Thanks Fred……..

  14. william garcia says

    hi fred:what stb emulator are you using? thanks

  15. daaikenator1 says

    Hi Fred, I'm a box dealer in South Carolina. I'm looking to offer a iptv service to offer my customers. Who do you recommend me to go with?

  16. gvt 12345 says

    what's minimun internet speed needed to run this without any freeze ?

  17. blueforflower says

    – How can I get this channel list on my Media Player ( Kodi 17.3). Please give me the link of this iptv channel list. Thanks.

  18. Vinay Mehta says

    I have a android box with Android 6 and 2gb ram.i have also high speed internet.

  19. Chris Mcdaniel says

    where do you go to get gold?

  20. sta1984 says

    There's a Link for another Gold IPTV that I thought was the one you've reviewed above! Obviously, the wrong one

    So be careful friends, I wish you'd given the right Link for this IPTV?

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