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  1. Froggylover 60 says

    Wonderful video. Glad to have live TV. Thank you.

  2. Froggylover 60 says


  3. JC says


  4. paul downey says


  5. Andrew Marshall says

    nice one doc mate u r the man tar ???and happy birthday to you son ??? hope all of yous have a lovely day

  6. paul lee says

    doc squiffy that was uncalled for I do agree that some people are a bit backward but to mention Scotland they way you did was out of order please apologize thank you paul

  7. paul lee says

    you are a great provider for info and I respect that your doing a great job

  8. 19thunderball57 says

    Hi Doc, appreciate your how to's. I have the Durex build on my firestick, I like it a lot. It's a bit intimidating compared to basic Kodi, not sure how to download anything other than thru Aptoide. Is this live TV available thru Aptoide? I won't be home to check for some time. I've a question, if I download another Kodi app off Aptoide to simplify things will it wipe out the former? Thank you

  9. David Murphy says

    Its 12.30 am so good time wish ur son a happy birthday doc cheers for all ur work

  10. Harris Kreloff says

    I'm trying to install the app on my fire tv I went to the play store and I hit install but it won't install. what am I doing wrong

  11. Donald Cari says

    don't see any of those links

  12. NG7-flyboy says

    It works then it goes off after 5 seconds for all the channels?????

  13. Orielle Jones says

    happy birthday to your son

    doc I tried to install from firestick but I can't

  14. Charles Beach says

    Thank you for all your information that you share with us every day. Happy birthday to your son…

  15. Martin Garcia says

    hi i use kodi on my adroid sony tv, and i cant download anything , is it becuse im using my android tv that i cant download ?

  16. raselassadi says

    Yes happy birthday to your son doc squiffy enjoy..

  17. jeff ray says

    99% of these downloads dont work!! If you get lucky and get that 1%, it doesn't last but a day or so. All this is a waste of time! Its more aggravation than its worth

  18. Mark Corcoran says

    Dr squiffy I need ur help. when installing the media repos. net/kodistuff link, when I go to install from zip file it is always empty. I installed it the first time you mentioned it and it worked well bit now on my new computer it is constantly blank. please help.

  19. Edward Davidson says


  20. Shahid Imran says

    Thanks for Sharing …………

  21. Matt Bissell says

    Cheers Doc, happy birthday to your son.

  22. Paul Hill says

    Cheers for this,will check it out,happy birthday to your son,have a great day:)

  23. Liam Morris says

    won't even download the url on downloader??

  24. Kais Bcheichi says

    That was easy to install
    Pls u got any idea if the addon shahid arabic is back?
    Am after tunisians live tv if u could help pls

  25. DrMoorehen says

    ta, great doc squiffy app. Happy Birthday to a lovely 1yr old!

  26. tommydoh says

    tickles me how much these people cannot spell, lol, it's DAILY not DIALY btw.. peace out.

  27. DrMoorehen says

    great, uk and usa portions of usa/uk iptv dated 14 July are working great! dont know what the groans from some folks are for. its better and safer with local vpns for these regions maybe, but pic quality is excellent! thanks doc!

  28. binamra sijapati says

    hi Chris it plays for 10 sec and stops how do i fix it mate

  29. Ian Miller says

    Hi, I'm the same as some others. All the channels work but only for a few seconds!

  30. dermot mcdaniel says

    channells work for about 5 seconds then goes off

  31. Kevin Davis says

    Gears tv is where it's at

  32. Ian Miller says

    I've just tried this on my Laptop and again most channels work but only for a few seconds! Shame because it would be verygood!

  33. kaoliao says

    Im having trouble with my isp stopping vpn, any ideas ?

  34. Catherine Lecoustre says

    The same for me . The channels only work for 10 seconds and then stop . What can be done about that?

  35. David Carter says

    thanks doc

  36. nrubes01 says

    Hey have a Mi box and I can't find your app in the play store

  37. marty-susan f says

    Most feeds do not work, and there is no live USA sports at all. That is what people are actually looking for these days. There are WAY too many moview add ons. We need reliable live tv streams, that actually work

  38. graham wizardo says

    You,ve upset him now he's not posting any videos at the moment

  39. Michael Hype says

    Any of this guys stuff doesn't work… he's just after the view and ad revenue.

  40. Rob Didiano says

    Live tv feed plays for 15 seconds then stops. What's the fix for this?

  41. Docwho 10th says


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