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Watch mobdro, edoctor, iptv stalker and many more live TV providers free in Kodi. This addon includes iptv scrapers.


Looking for reliable iptv?

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  1. richard withey says

    solo man is exodus really dead????? nothing seems to work anymore

  2. Full NL says

    Same as Kevin Karges and many others, failed to install dependancies on all three ???

  3. Scott Bennett says

    Solo Man using Kodi 16.1 Streamhub does not appear in the repo link above. Only provides Live Hub and frmTester. Has the repo URL changed?

  4. Kim Cooper says

    What build are you using?

  5. CRO-TechTips says

    Thx bro! 🙂

  6. Nigel Tyler says

    your the man I'm new kodi OMG you made it so easy to do THANK YOU for theses videos your a life save only thing if you can give me some advice I can't get tv channels to work

  7. soley846 says

    SET TV %100 Way 2 Go ?

  8. SilverShadow2LWB says

    Here is the full address to the repository. http://archive.org/download/repository.streamhub Hey Soloman, only about 1 in 5 links work. This may be a concept only after they get this fine tuned. I will use something else in the meantime.

  9. Leonardo Jimenez says

    the repository is incomplete???

  10. h3isenberg says

    cant install any repos, everything seems dead..any advice? Thanks

  11. Zuke says

    Only Streamhub was able to install. The other 2 failed. 🙁

  12. DJWildBill Corson says

    seems like everyone anymore are just doing videos to make money cause lots of these videos including this one. cause lots of these live streaming addons just don't work or buffer like crazy. .my two cents

  13. Anand Seecharan says

    does it have a Exodus movie app APK alone that u don't have to use Kodi? please reply

  14. Carlo Anthony Sibal says

    hey man i need some advice. what can you recommend kodi as an OS. i will install on my minipc. thanks

  15. George Hood says

    have a question if i use a vpn and i live in the us what is the best country to used to be safe

  16. Robert Rojas says

    Good morning solo man I have the g box mx2 after resting it to factory reset it doesn't play movies. How would you fix it?

  17. Htop Music says

    Links must be update more often, too many dead links

  18. nalene mohammed says

    Why cant I get this link to work in the Caribbean.

  19. Stalking You says

    Hey SoloMan can you show us how to get Goodfellas 2.0 because recently I've been having trouble with it and I was hoping you could show me and everyone else how it's done proper.

  20. fanger307 says

    can u put apk on raspberry pi 2.

  21. Cassie Kerg says

    I can't get any of this to load. It tells me it failed.

  22. Jose Jimenez says

    Hey Soloman
    can install setvnow on kodi?

  23. hikari94122 says

    fmTester failed to install

  24. willie brooks says

    most of the channels arent playing.

  25. J. Malave says

    It says couldn't find server

  26. tony ferrari says

    Trying to download tvaddons , keep getting message couldn't connect to network server. Can't get exodus thumbnail, thx for any info to help me.

  27. aleida alfonso says

    Hi, I love Korean dramas but dramafever and viki are not working anymore using the repositories currently on my kodi 17.3.  Dramafever is not installing at all anymore and viki give me a log issues.  I will love if you could help me finding a working repository.

  28. Ruf Tom says

    very happy to use it but I will like to watch African live TV too specialty the one of Cameroon (CRTV ) &(Canal D info)

  29. Hit Her With The Mule says

    is there a reddit player for kodi beside prosports and castaway?

  30. Aliasgar Nurali says

    sorry am behind whts kodi????

  31. Jerry Green says

    I love your knowledge of Kodi, but even better is your sense of humor. Not to mention your twin brother

  32. Thomas Bauer says

    Just installed streamhub now I'm going to go try it out can't wait, everything you show is GREAT keep up the good work Solo Man you are awesome!!!

  33. Kojo Okoto says

    Please can anyway suggest am in Germany and using ipvanish to open this apps put it slows and dont play the videos at all

  34. Javier Fernandez says

    Another amazing app that's gonna change the game….that blows ass and doesn't work

  35. James Smith says

    just checked it cheers solo.

  36. Michael Leite says

    You really need to speak English better or seriously slow down… now I'm lost cause I don't know what they named it

  37. Viq says

    I'm willing to pay someone money to get me The Travel Channel for eastern USA time on Kodi.

    I have installed what Soloman showed us here and legit 80% of the channels are non USA.

    Someone help.

  38. TheBaudBandit says

    Solo Man…Much respect Sensei! Question…. How do I install PPV apps for the fight? or Sports stations in the US?

  39. David Diaz says

    SoloMan tell me your thoughts on Netmaster??? I think its prob best product out there as far as hassle free IPTV. They push updates without you having to do anything and they support the box if any issues.

  40. OG-GENERAL 81 says

    Can you pls show some add Ons for live tv

  41. Xmus Jaxon says

    I love what you do and I really appreciate it, but with all do respect, that intro was very cringy

  42. 4exgold says

    Solo man u rock

  43. fernny1960 says

    Hey solo man I used this repository and it doesn't work what can I do to fix it

  44. Wolf Gaming says

    it start from 5:23

  45. Matt Farino says

    I was able to install Live Hub from the super repo. Dont waste your time, most of the links dont work on mobdro or any of the other links.

  46. Jonathon Shelley says

    I tried to add live hub but its not in the repo anymore. Is there another way to get the add on???

  47. becky becky says

    What can I do with older android box that new Kodiak doesn't work as well on ?

  48. Drew N. says

    the repository url stops at repositor…..

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