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Best Working IPTV Addons, kodi 8th july 2017

Best Working IPTV Addons, kodi 8th july 2017

Check the list of best kodi Add-ons/ Repository working tutorial

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Ultimate iptv best working addons, watch 5000+ free live tv channel in kodi 17.3 from accros the world, all the best working channel for kodi june 2017. IT will guide you on all simple iptv client on kodi june 2017, how configure this iptv channel and watch free live tv channel.
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  1. The One Above All says

    not working

  2. Senator P says

    dont work

  3. freaknleak69 says

    Doesn’t work

  4. Surender Singh says


  5. DAEMON33 says


  6. Andre Amaral says

    none of the repos in your tutotials work!! worthless

  7. Marquis Manuel says

    this url not working

  8. Mark Deangelis says


  9. generationXile says

    this doesnt work anymore

  10. marty-susan f says

    There are no channels in this add on. All you get is an error message. When will this be fixed?? It's been dead for several days now.

  11. ahmad zahidi Ismail says

    you're wasting people's time by recommending a DEAD source. Should take this video off air

  12. jgcujo says

    This does not work the list is empty once you go and try to install from zip . this source is dead

  13. marty-susan f says

    It is giving an error message. Not working anymore. Anyone know what the problem is??

  14. none nonemome says

    it works great for 3 day ! new it tell me error 404 log info…

  15. abbas raza Rizvi says

    failllllllllllllllllll …. doesnt work anymore

  16. Michael Machi says

    BST is down. Please update the fix. Worked for 2 days

  17. Garvin Doyle says

    Getting a error 404 on it, hope it's not down perm

  18. Rich Swaisgood says

    BST Live will not load, it keeps giving me an error code 404 and that it will not loasd. It only worked for a few days!!!

  19. Allison Collins says

    I got an error code 404 message

  20. mark gibson says

    this is not working any idea why ?

  21. Robert Del Rosario says

    Thanks so much!!!!

  22. Joseph Powers says

    Don't know if I'm doing something wrong but best is all freezing

  23. DaveCh48 says

    works fine until l try using it with my vpn subscription, then l unable to receive any channels. Any ideas?

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