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Best Polish IPTV Addons Kodi 2017. How To Install LivePolishTv Addon on Kodi

This is best polish iptv addons kodi 2017. Addons LivePolishTv. Update new guide How to install livepolishtv addon on kodi 17 and higher. KODI Frien

LivePolishTv Addon is one of best polish iptv kodi addon that allows to watch many live polish sports channels and polish iptv channels. This guide will show for you full steps to install livepolishtv addon on kodi success.

At this time, LivePolishTv addon required a PIN to login on LivePolishtv addon.

POI – this is pin to login on the livepolishtv addon. If this addon required a PIN to login on it, please type POI on box

There are many guys are asking the question how to install livepolishtv addon on kodi. Hope with this video tutorial, you can install this addon livepolishtv success on your kodi. This video is also show for you a PIN to login on livepolishtv addon. This pin is POI, or you can finded this pin in end of this video

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  1. Kodi Tutorial says

    We are finished new guide how to install livepolishtv addon on kodi. Hope this video will help you install addons livepolishtv success. If this addon required a PIN to use, you can get PIN in the end of thid video.

  2. Kodi Home says

    good tutorial

  3. bin veto says

    there is no livePolish in the list !!

  4. Adoft hitlle says

    good guide. thank friend. I was spent many time to finded exactly this video guide that help me install livepolishtv addon . All is fine. thanks again

  5. Henry Rak Part of a dying breed says

    Seems that there are a bunch that you have choose the source for. But this works well.

  6. Szymon Marszalek says

    Works perfect!! Thank You ?

  7. Johny TO says

    Thank u

  8. Nick Frazer says

    Pin not working

  9. Tomiwrx says

    Pin does not work

  10. Damian Malaczek says

    Pin does not work

  11. STOLEN EARTH says

    Pin not working

  12. STOLEN EARTH says

    Big Thankyou

  13. Stan Res says

    THANK YOU!!! My mother finally has polish tv.

  14. Jay Vlog says

    Installed but i'm receiving the message " PODAJ KOD ZE STRONY REPOZYTORIM WTYCZKI". What should i type?

  15. gdiggedy9 says

    The pin for these addons keeps on changing. The new one is OUI, but where do people go to find this pin? Does the creator of the addons have a facebook, website or twitter to keep people informed?

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