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BEST Kodi 17.4 Addon!! ?COVENANT!? NEW Install (August 2017) NEW EXODUS! Easiest Setup

?COVENANT!? NEW Install (September 2017) BEST Kodi 17.4 Addon!! NEW Ares Wizard Install! Easiest Setup

COVENANT is the NEW Exodus!! Best Addon Ever for Movies & TV Shows

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Awesome & Amazing Addon includes:
– Movies
– TV Shows
– My Movies
– My TV Shows
– New Movies
– New Episodes
– Channels
– Tools
– Search

Source Links for Ares Wizard:

Alternate Link for Covenant:

Get Kodi On Your Apple TV 4, iPhone or iPad Forever Without A Developer’s Account

Kodi 17.4 /17.3 / 17.2 / 17.1 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

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  1. Lisa Apollo says

    Like it!! ????? 
    Excellent tutorial. Very easy to install.

  2. Rick Younis says

    What do you suggest for buffering issues? My internet speed is not the issue. I can't seem to solve this issue no matter what I've tried

  3. Jason Potts says

    Doesnt work, menus are blank after following.

  4. Axe Master says

    OK, can we please get past this whole "Unknown sources" bullshit. If you haven't already enabled the fucking thing you shouldn't be using KODI. Anyone else noticed nearly every new video on YouTube in regards to KODI, Addons or Builds etc, has to devote the first one or two minutes talking about enabling "Unknown FUCKING Sources" …..people PLEASE…..enable the fucking thing already. OK, that's my rant. Thanks for the video anyway. Cheers.

  5. Paul Nunez says

    Awesome video. But after installing my tittles when I click on the add-on don't appear any way to fix this

  6. Duceyque says

    Great Addon. Are there any addons for Soap Operas? I have tried We love the soaps and Soap Catch up, neither works. Thanks for all of your help.

  7. Jairo Mera says

    Thanks so much Excellent tutorial.O:)

  8. ron totton says

    Hi enjoy your videos and wondered if u can help have a 4k tv broadband over 50mps find impossible to wstch any 4k content from any. addon keeps saying source to slow woul b glad of any hrlp.

  9. Dj Nacho says

    Why is it what I've sent messages on Facebook, YouTube and any other platform to reach someone to help me and I'm still waiting.. you might be one of the top builds but honestly one of the worst to answer not only my questions but anyone else's..

  10. Brenton Randolph says

    Works for me too. The trick was to adjust to the type of skin setup/format so you can recognize the step by step. Once I realized this, it was all down hill.

  11. Johnny Mendez says

    Didint work for me said erro 4 when I try to download

  12. eaphilips1 says

    Doesn't work – just say "normal download method failed, do you want to try the other download method?" then when I click Yes it says Error 404 – Help please!

  13. Mr Cool says

    Didint work for me

  14. Christopher Keller says

    Another great vide! Thank you so very much for the update!!! Really enjoy your videos 🙂

  15. Manu Dito says

    i can not Inatsll covenant Error 404 ???

  16. BestBox909T7 T7tech says

    Why do all the movie addons suck now they barely pull any working sources

  17. matt changes says

    What if it doesn't install it says the normal download method failed

  18. art espitia says

    Using your latest knl 7.5 and everytime i try to watch a sporting event it says sports devil does not work. Can you fix this.

  19. Sanbuu says

    I get to the point around 5:20 when you install covenant and it will not download, i get an error 404. what can i do?

  20. hector barreras says

    Can anyone help me with a buffering issue? I know it is not my internet. Thank you.

  21. Justin Shooter says


  22. Rockland County Computer Repair says

    not installing

  23. Rockland County Computer Repair says

    download error 404

  24. Rockland County Computer Repair says

    download error 404

  25. Anthony Gomez says

    How do you update your no Limit build

  26. Dave DahDispatcher says

    I got to screen in Wizard with list of add ons. Clicked covenant then install – Normal download method failed as well as alternative method !?!? ended in error 404 SAME with Bennu

    Elysium Installed so that is something FML

  27. Dinah Wharton says

    Trying to download convent from ares wizard it's not downloading it's saying it can't download the normal way it's giving another option not working any other options?

  28. Anthony Gomez says

    Can I click on anyone I have the Amazon fire box

  29. Jerry Clapp says

    can I add ares wizard if I have a build already loaded into Kodi?Do you have a buffering fix?

  30. Herbert Medina says

    didn't work for me it didn't show a movie menu

  31. LaKeisha Navarrete says

    Can anyone tell me how to fix this. My tv shows will play but none of the movies will play.

  32. Mitzi Payne says

    Didn't work for me!! Version dependency error.

  33. Wendy McCrory says

    How do I watch local university football games on kodi

  34. Elrey Elrey says

    when I click on covenant, the boxes on the left are blank…why…

  35. Jeff Area says

    How do I get to the first screen at 1:35 to select systems?

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