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Are you looking for Free Kodi IPTV? Reliable, Fast and USA & UK Cable Channels

StreamZ TV Kodi addon is back tons of Free IPTV UK & USA Channels!


If repo is not working it can be downloaded from streamtips.info

Please see the following post:

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  1. Trap Town says

    Hello newtechevolution! Do you want to be YouTube friends?

  2. Everything Kodi says

    Great job ?

  3. dave beddoe says

    great website. im a fan

  4. stephen barton says

    Cheers buddy ? ? good to see it back hope you're well mate take care buddy ??????????

  5. j love talking about the things I love says

    streamz TV can you get that on an Android TV box please let me know I do a video I would love to know and Cody is not my thing is there another way that I can get it on my TV box without using Kodi

  6. Anthony Howard says

    Nothing at repos damn.

  7. LucidBD says

    The read more link on your site under Streanz iptv takes me to the info for Bob unleashed. Can't get to the zip file

  8. Rolf Bitter says

    Thanx for your info .

  9. chad40wv says

    i want Destination America channel please and DiY

  10. Rich Scott says

    Thanks I'll give it a try

  11. Eddie B says

    Thanks nice addon!

  12. Susan Murry says

    Nice video!

  13. Britain- Forever says

    All over Kodi is gone you guys in youtube made sure you wrecked our hobby treating it like a Iptv and movie player , when it's clearly not , it's just a hobby it is not for Live Tv it will go off even if you've paid ripped off for your Iptv content because Kodi it's not designed to run Live Tv and it's high bandwidth – networks even from a top server , at best it's alright and designed for VIDEOS nothing else .

  14. Desmond Alleyne says

    Off the topic, is it only me or is anyone else realizing that covenant and specto are giving alot of SD streams lately? It's almost like their doing this on purpose to force people into purchasing real debrid. Well if this is the case I will be using posidean, mucky ducks 123 movies m4u and all the addons in the Jesus box repo.

  15. Penny Metheny says

    Does it have USA

  16. darryl hardee says

    Hi my friend could you tell me what's wrong with ELYSIUM mine's not working on both box

  17. DEEEETECH says

    Hey whats up Newtech question for you do you know a good repo or a APK that would allow me to see Isreal live tv channels ? Thanks

  18. beau eddy says

    lol when I go to install add on I already have the repo or add on in my big build I have and it has most repos and add ons and a few builds in it

  19. andy morgan says

    dont work for me

  20. Susan Murry says

    Very nice!

  21. hayley cobbett says

    Im having real trouble geting this build. Its not showing in my zip file. Why? I followed ever thing u did

  22. Marty Torrez says

    I haven't had this much trouble with any addon as i have with this one. First your video doesn't match what's on your web site. The directions aren't complete on the web site. So no matter what i did it doesn't work. DON'T GO TO THE WEB SITE FOR THIS ADDON IF YOU'RE NEW TO KODI. Oh well onto someone else

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