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AMAZING!! 8 IN 1 Best Addon Working for Kodi 17.4 (NEW) August 2017 – Unlock Kodi FULL POTENTIAL!!

AMAZING!! 8 IN 1 Best Addon Working for Kodi 17.4 (NEW) August 2017 – Unlock Kodi FULL POTENTIAL!!

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Install Release by Tombraider Movie Group will unlock Kodi to Full Potential. This top addon is full of content.

Awesome & Amazing Addon includes:
– Documentary Zone
– Kodi Zone
– Latest TV
– Movie Zone
– Music Zone
– Radio Zone
– Sports Zone
– Stand up Comedy Zone
– WebCam Zone

Source Link for The Pyramid:

Get Kodi On Your Apple TV 4, iPhone or iPad Forever Without A Developer’s Account

Kodi 17.3 / 17.2 / 17.1 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free.

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  1. Alvin Peri says

    Like it!! ?????
    You have a really sexy voice!!!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Michelle Lassiter says

    Love how simple you make it! Thank you!!

  3. Sherry Cindy says

    Hi. I have (and LOVE) your no limits family build but I would like live tv also. How do I add a live tv build (and is there one you recommend) and still keep my no limits build? Sorry for the question, I'm new to the kodi world!

  4. Andre Hill says

    How do you search for when you looking for a tv show?

  5. Rick montano says

    Must be a lot of lonely guys out there. If you're watching videos for Kodi and commenting on a ladies sexy voice…lol

  6. Maggie Lamplugh says

    thank you that worked 🙂

  7. MisterMacrae says


  8. Carlos Stewart says

    Installed from Zip but none of the builds would would from either source. Anyone else have this issue?

  9. Dennis Coffey says

    can not get live TV to work. any help

  10. Manu Dito says

    it is on France,Italy,Spanish and Portugal Languages as well? i mean it Movies Series & co

  11. Hd Watts says

    Does this add-on have TV channels like HBO, USA,Netflix etc.?

  12. MissMarvellous says

    can u make a video for the best anime add on with sub for Kodi Krypton? I will really appreciate it and btw I subbed?????

  13. Eddie Mac says

    Failed to install add on- the dependency from version could not be satisfied. I get this message regardless of the add on I try

  14. ganuv says

    I tried step by step and it doesn't take me to the same place .. couldn't do it.

  15. Martin Gilchrist says

    Hi Kodi No Limits.
    Wanting to watch all the Australian Foxtel channels.
    Is that possible?
    Is there an addon for this?

  16. Trenton Stone says

    Version 1.53 "Failed to install dependency"

  17. 张囡囡 says
  18. 张囡囡 says
  19. Bobbie Solz says

    loaded it and love it so user friendly, need to ask about updates, I don't see any updates when I log into Kodi, where do I go to enable the updates or does it auto update?

  20. Unkraut60 says

    this addon works one day and doesn't work the next this is a crap addon

  21. bandit ofthesky says

    500 plus channels Start your free 3 day trial now! http://tiny.cc/6ak7ly

  22. lisa beeler says

    Can you do a video on how to add ustv now to this build of kodi.

  23. macelive2 says

    This sexyyyy voice. Damn!!

  24. mike morales says

    awesome…. question: how to get the WWE app, it came out on my phone but not fire stick??

  25. Lynn Ridsdale says

    Will this work with Kodi 16. I only have this one and my ott box wont let it download says there is not enough room

  26. Lord Humungus says

    That put me to sleep. That's 3 minutes I'm never getting back!

  27. Hd Watts says

    I got an error when installing the Pyramid zip file?  Failed to install Pyramid dependency.    Any thoughts on how I might rectify?

  28. Lissette Feliciano says

    I'm having trouble with my amazon stick I have 17.3 while with the spinzvTv pro still on it I updated it looking at u tube video to install it but now I have too many sources and my internal space is 3.46Gb of 5.57 Gb avail I need help before I mess it up more u really know a lot I wish I knew please help I miss movies and especially my baseball

  29. Yung Felon says

    how do iadd this add on if i have no limits build already

  30. Eeva Papunen says

    KIiitos minna jonna tuulla tiinalle piia hyvää öittä kauniille naisille ja tero painu heitettiin vittun urpo tero pylly haisee pahalle ps voikkaa hyvin täältä tullaan elämä on ihanaa ja voikkaa hyvin täältä tullaan elämä on ihanaa hyvä kappa hyvä pieru pierut:ää vitsi ystäväni minna jonna tuulla tiinalle piia nauttimaa elämästä kauniit unia tutulle ps jp ihania unia kauniille naisille terveisiä kille kauniille naisille hyvää öittä nauttimaa uusi hyvää Suomi nauttimaa elämästä kauniit unia tutulle ps jp ihania unia jp

  31. Eeva Papunen says

    hyvää öittä kauniit unia ystäväni minna jonna tuulla tiinalle piia nauttimaa elämästä kauniit unia tutulle ps voikkaa hyvin jp ihania unia jp

  32. Travis Johnson says

    None of the vids are working what to do

  33. Paul Omari says


  34. TheCrashdawg says

    it is amazing how many losers come to YouTube to listen to a female voice. either sick losers in moms basement, or men in prison.

  35. gbuddy says

    Is there any other addon besides ares project to get? I've tried and tried, but I always get an error message.

  36. Brad Hubbard says

    I re-filled my Gin and Tonic at 5:40 also!

  37. costas23561 says

    Why do I get the message "failed to install a dependency"

  38. Stanley Sykes says

    Awesome video love it! great job!

  39. Jedi Knight says

    im gunna put it in your bum bum

  40. Fucknuts says

    Is she hot? Because I want to bang her but I hope she's hot.

  41. Kodi Tips says

    How to Install Whitecream without fusion (Nudeflix, Czechhd, etc.)

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