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AMAZING!! 8 IN 1 Best Addon for KODI 17.4 (NEW) August 2017 – Unlock Kodi FULL POTENTIAL!!

AMAZING!! 8 IN 1 Best Addon for KODI 17.4 (NEW) August 2017 – Unlock Kodi FULL POTENTIAL!!

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Install Release by Tombraider Movie Group will unlock Kodi to Full Potential. This top addon is working & full of content.

Awesome & Amazing Addon includes:
– Documentary Zone
– Kodi Zone
– Latest TV
– Movie Zone
– Music Zone
– Radio Zone
– Sports Zone
– Stand up Comedy Zone
– WebCam Zone

Source Link for The Pyramid:

Alternate Link:

Get Kodi On Your Apple TV 4, iPhone or iPad Forever Without A Developer’s Account

Kodi 17.4 / 17.3 / 17.2 / 17.1 Krypton is a new version. It has almost every movie and TV show ever made available. No need for downloading and/or watching ads – everything is streamed and ad-free. 

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  1. Lisa Apollo says

    Like it!! ?????
    Excellent tutorial. Very easy to install.

  2. Alvin Peri says

    Like the video.. You sound so hot! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Andrew Drabick says

    downloaded your newest kodi build and now i cant get any streams on sportdevil…what can i do

  4. darryl hardee says

    I like your voice you do a good job on it explaining it

  5. Gerald Pervall says

    This may seem like a dumb question but how do you get to the “settings” to add the pyramid stuff? I have your latest build on my fire stick now.

  6. quint0nJ says

    not gonna lie i love kodi but the only way i can keep it working is constantly upgradeing builds…i just did ur build u released a few days ago and im already having problems again

  7. Bobby Speller says

    how do you get the x-rated channel to play on the air view wizard

  8. Stefano Dimira says

    You guys got to find a Kodi for Apple TV 4 that last longer than a week. Lol us apple users need you. #Help

  9. zafar iqbal says

    please share addon for bollywood movies. thanks

  10. Erich Davison says

    Does anyone know where I can find the BIG BROTHER LIVE cams so my girlfriend will leave me alone!!!???

  11. Bobby Speller says

    yes I am

  12. Bobby Speller says

    on an Aries project.com magic bill how do you get the x-rated to play

  13. Bobby Speller says

    it keep asking for a code how do you get the code

  14. Craig H says

    Holy crap…she is talking, you all that hard up?? Come on dudes, acting like creepers

  15. bryan clark says

    Once again, another beautiful build. Thank you!!!!

  16. TROOPER 69 says


  17. jerry prince says

    Zip file not working 4 me I did the toothpick to the av help me please don't know what 2 do
    Going crazy need help

  18. jerry prince says

    Zip file not working 4 me I did the toothpick to the av help me please don't know what 2 do
    Going crazy need help

  19. jerry prince says

    Zip file not working 4 me I did the toothpick to the av help me please don't know what 2 do
    Going crazy need help

  20. Everything Kodi says

    Great addon thanks ?

  21. Chris Greenwood says

    Thanks for a great video again, couple of questions if I am using Xenon Build can I do this and where does it show up? Secondly I am using Xenon on my computer and I can't work out how to get back to the Kodi settings as you show above is it possible and if it is what might the process be….

  22. Javier Marin says

    Easy Peezie How to video….

  23. maimaimaired says

    soooooooo awesome!!!!!! love it

  24. Carlos says

    can this work on the kodi desktop?

  25. Ed says

    I just installed this on firestick .. where is the setting to adjust screen size so i can see the edges. i looked all over cant find it

  26. Carol p says

    very easy to follow keep up the great work???????

  27. DENNIS SMITH says

    Do I need to reinstall KODI 17.3?

  28. Sandy Jones says

    i cant get it to work for me

  29. Angela Wilson/Woodard says

    how do you get to the kodi no limits settings like in the video at 1:01

  30. Ray Blackmoor says

    Good video nice voice

  31. Ramez Mokhtar says

    how i can watch free iptv on kodi

  32. Mel Clark says

    Nothin is coming in when I try to live stream

  33. Silverfox Johnson says


  34. hussain Alkhalaf says

    I need pupfilm repo. I got error last night. How to fix

  35. Joel Garza says

    I have a question.
    What happened to the Speed test that was in the tools section?.
    That was very useful .

  36. Sahil Bhambure says

    Can you add multiple addons in kodi???…..for exam pyramid and fusion together??

  37. Ruth Wood says

    Another awesome video! Thank you.

  38. Jhon Smith says

    This is a good thing you did. This allows working families an opportunity with out such sacrifices required in order to pay high cable bills.
    Thank you so much, this means alot to our family. We might get to eat out this month, now were making memories!!
    Have to ask can we receive live US (main event) sporting events such as (bOxinG)? 😉
    Have to wait for pay day for donation coins for the cause.
    Love your good soul, thanks for putting the e back in freedom.

  39. david monk says

    No limits build keeps kicking of everything has loaded up fine but when selecting kicks me out

  40. Ricky Raus says

    Not working for me 07/20

  41. rukisan159 says

    I have a problem with installing the new build on my fire stick

    when it builds skin shortcuts in the middle part I think kodi crashes. goes back to the fire stick menu.

    Edit: I just waited to load up the shortcuts and its good now

    Thank you so much for the video! AWESOME!

    your voice is clear and soothing and instructions can be understood.

  42. Joe g says


  43. ThasThunder9 says

    When i will open Ares it gives me dowload and then error2, can not find the path or something. anyone help please??

  44. charles gales says

    As I like Kodi and enjoy all that it offers I have issues. I am using build XENON X7.2. I am having buffering issues as well as videos stopping midway and going back to show list as well as just plain no streams available.I have tried several add ons same issues, Any suggestion? I have already done the tweaks and watched every video still issues. Please help.

  45. Jose Montenegro says

    You are the Best love you muchas gracias !!!

  46. Ilias Boyaci says

    Hi I am from Australia can you please tell me if all the addons and the like TV work in Australia

  47. mares nitarus says

    New HD movie and ultraHD addon contains a huge list of recent movies with great quality, enjoy this beautiful addon and excellent work … https://www.sendspace.com/file/zmvz4f password: HD2017

  48. Chris Anderson says

    Hello again do you know why I cannt watch movies on any thing

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