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Adding users by Reseller | IPTV Billing Portal V2

Reseller Area – Adding a user

How to add a user by Reseller

1 . Login to Reseller Area –

2 . Click on “Add a new User “ on the left side menu link

3 . Fill out the required details and submit it that will auto create a user under your account on X.C Panel as well

User created successfully.

Note: It has deducted 10 credits from the Reseller Account because package costing was 10 USD.

4 . Reseller can see the IPTV info of created user

5 . Reseller gets an email of IPTV info when they add a user so they can forward to the user if needed.
Technically, It has added the user to the reseller account in Xtream Panel as well.

Same for the case Stalker Middleware as well

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