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Live Hub is an incredible Kodi Add-on that offers tons of IPTV for FREE combined sections from IPTV scrappers, Mobdro, Swift Streams and more. Most links work and they
work with no issues what so ever!

This is their Repo:

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  1. Umar Abid says

    is their xxx or porn?

  2. Mike Davis says

    get it now want be free for long

  3. Eddie B says

    I'm loving these TV channel add-ons! Goodbye cable & satellite!

  4. maniac1075 says

    There is a known issue with this repository. It can conflict with other apps, so if you try to install the repo and it fails or shows an error, name the repo something other than "repository.streamhub" which it shows by default (usually) its possible its the period/full stop. Just rename it to whatever you want or remove the period and it should install nicely now.

  5. Gary Van says

    you had more failed channels than working. your usually saying you dont need kodi use apks now your all you dont need apks.

  6. Lonnell Bivins says

    Can't wait to add this addon.

  7. TCB ELVIS says

    it would be fantastic if you could incorporate this addon into iptv simple client

  8. jwwe1 says

    players klub still the best

  9. DJWildBill Corson says

    I have has this is for a,while it's ok no homerun though lots of stuff don't work or freeze every sec.

  10. soprano2015 says

    thank you so much

  11. Syed Ali says

    Good work mate as usual, wanted to ask, anyway u know to watch Bollywood indian movies either on apk or kodi? Aftershock was an addon in shanis repo which seems to have gone. Thanks

  12. evkhigda says

    Damn…Your thumbnail backgrounds are too loud. Need sunglasses just to browse your page.

  13. maniac1075 says

    damn it, StreamHub has vanished but Live Hub remains. Did they remove it or is it having problems? It was my main go to for the past few weeks.

  14. Greg Moore says

    ok how do you get back to the kodi screen after you have a build installed

  15. fastgreycat says

    damn dude, guess your not keeping up with the lawsuits. keep post eye peeee tree veeee

  16. Xander Devaine says

    please help Kodi has been doing this thing where no matter what app you use, there are moments where the movie or show will start playing in slow motion. does anyone else have this issue?

  17. Dj Marz says

    channels kick you out after a couple seconds. Sucks

  18. patriotsfan1191 says

    F4mtester will not install for me

  19. willfultoday says

    awesome…worked for me…a little buffering but is ok

  20. PinkiePieIsDemon666 says

    Uh i was trying to install live hub but when i clicked on streamhub repository/videoaddons it haved flixanity instead. So am i supposed to download flixanity?

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