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Cut the Cable with SetNow APP Live TV IPTV

I found this new APK file for all Android device. With a small monthly subscription fee you will get live TV up to 3 devices with 250+ channels and DVR plus a great movie section

Here is the website: www.setvnow.com

Thanks for watching. Go ahead and like, share and subscribe.

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  1. فكرك إبداعك MIND YOUR CREATIVITY chaine says
  2. Edwin jimenez says

    Your right! I got the monthly, deal and this thing is awesome.

  3. Daria Dalton says

    It's still in Beta Testing so the channels do go down a lot but I agree this has great potential. Now it's Aug and it's no longer a good service.

  4. Jesse S says

    It's a nice app and everything worked great for the most part.Couldn't get the PPV channels to work,maybe cause I was on the 3 day trial.Also it had a very noticable lag during fast moving scenes which gave me a headache.Maybe it's their servers or my android box.I highly doubt their set top boxes are better then a 2GB ram 16 Gb storage android box.My internet at 60MBps should have easily managed this app.Oh well its a nice app.

  5. CHANDERS says

    Great Video Dude

  6. Humberto Soria says

    this is the same as pix?? pix for 15 they give you the same amount of channels and movies

  7. Humberto Soria says

    so can you please tell me if is available to watch it on my phone lm looking for a app that allows me to watch live tv on my galaxy s7

  8. Jimmy lee says

    Download the app?A question with no answer. firestick.

  9. sam barton says

    You dopey fuck ,you seriously must think everybody has CUNT ! written on their foreheads. i for one can obtain everything you receive in terms of programming plus more and it DOES NOT COST ME A FUCKING RED CENT ! So why should i or any other poor sucker be drawn into paying for an extortionate service, which on leaves me to conclude that you are selling the product for the said company or in the least getting paid commission for your services. Folks do not be drawn in by this false rhetoric, search wisely on the internet via youtube or google and you'll find plenty of good quality products you can fire up without any costs involved.

  10. Janie Luna says

    This is awesome I love the channels I can't get Destination Discovery for free no where believe me I have tried them all or Travel Channel in USA only uK plus Discovery Investigation USA its great I love Mobdro but u can't get a lot of the USA channels mostly U.K. I guess they only think of men cause it has all the sports channels but I love that the USA channels work on here thanks for your videos keep up the good work ??

  11. skillstotransform says

    Thanks man. Nice to see an informative youtube without the host trying to be a youtube star. Btw, I'm getting the 3 day trial, I'm waiting for the codes.

  12. geekmeee says

    You are right on the money… Everything you have said I have experienced with this service after using Kodi for a year…and a previous cable subscriber at $150 a month.  I think I understand now why Apple TV decided not to try and compete in this marketplace. No way Apple TV could beat Setvnow  at $20 bucks. I went for the year subscription. Either you got the time or the money, and I got tired of spending the time. I got better things to do with my time. As it's been said for Mr. Barton in the message below:… 'Some people know the cost of everything, but know the value of nothing.'

  13. T Washington says

    how long do it take to get a code

  14. Janie Luna says

    Do u know if they will get D Tour fixed by tonight have a show I want to watch later thank u

  15. Drax The Destroyer says

    Just signed up for a month. It's awesome.

  16. Pinky Terzakos says

    Do you need the fire stick or android box to get this? Can you do it directly to the smart tv?

  17. Rand Burg says

    How did you put it on Nvidia Shield?

  18. RY RY says


  19. RY RY says


  20. Angel Rios says

    dude how do you install the dam thing on android box..sorry about your problems but we want info..

  21. Ali Wardlaw says

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